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Editorial weather for Wednesday 10 August: shooting stars and summer crisis, thunderstorms until August 15th

Estimated time for the next few daysIt is the night of the stars! All with their noses upwards in search of a shooting star, a ‘tear of San Lorenzo’ or rather the Perseids, a meteor shower that the Earth passes through at this time of year. of rock, is periodically ‘left’ by the giant comet Swift-Tuttle: the abundant amount of dust and ice particles, in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, ignites and generates the romantic ‘Falling Stars’ effect!

The most famous popular legend then tells that the Perseids are the tears of San Lorenzo, shed by the Saint during his martyrdom: from here the tradition of expressing a wish also arises, in the hope that Lorenzo will help us to make it come true.

But it will be difficult, there are many pitfalls on the horizon: in the next few hours a ‘cold drop’ from the Balkans will cause again widespread instability in the Center-South with showers between Lower Lazio and Sicily, especially along the Tyrrhenian side. Then tonight the clouds will have cleared almost everywhere and will allow the vision of shooting stars; but at that point the almost Full Moon will hide part of the show due to its strong brightness: even on 12 August at 03:35 the last Supermoon of the year will arrive, the ‘Sturgeon Moon’, brighter and larger than usual The first wish will therefore be to see, despite the sky a little too bright, at least one shooting star: it will be a wish on trust, even before seeing the shooting star.

The second desire will be to stop the slow gradual subsidence of high pressure: we have had 3 months of sun, blue skies and African heat and, now that we are approaching in August, time fails?
Unfortunately it seems so, we will have frequent afternoon showers for most of this week and then, for Ferragosto, the ‘Atlantic Phantom’ threat will arrive: after months of absence, without even the slightest ocean disturbance, it could arrive, right on the day of the barbecues and water balloons, a front disturbed by France with heavy rains starting from the North-West!

At this point, to avoid this Summer crisis, deserves to express all together a single beautiful wish to the Martyr San Lorenzo: we would like to enjoy the beautiful summer weather again, without violent storms and without clouds. The gray days in mid-August would risk plunging us into the slow and monotonous autumn of the office, the school and the usual routine.


Wednesday 10. In the North: irregularly cloudy, less hot. In the Center: afternoon thunderstorms over Lazio, sunny elsewhere. In the South: severe storms over Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.

Thursday 11. In the North: partly cloudy sky. In the Center: less hot, thunderstorms still on Lazio, and then in Sardinia. In the South: unstable in Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily with thunderstorms.

Friday 12. In the North: unstable weather in the Northeast, locally elsewhere. In the Center: variable, some showers in the Apennines and in the afternoon also in the plains. In the South: bad weather with widespread showers and thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon.

Trend: weekend with thunderstorms in the Center-South on Saturday and mainly on Sunday. Mid-August unstable in the North and in Upper Tuscany, prevalence of sun and heat elsewhere.

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