Shootings in Sweden. What do the statistics say about the perpetrators?

The perpetrators of the shootings in Sweden are mostly young men, often from the Middle East. Most of them have not completed primary school, and many come from families with a criminal history. This is the result of an analysis published by the leading Swedish daily “Dagens Nyheter”.

The analysis of “Dagens Nyheter”, which is to answer the question of who is carrying out the shootings in Sweden, is the first of its kind. The police in this country do not disclose the nationality of the suspects, and the media generally does not disclose the origin of the criminals, so as not to stigmatize the groups they come from.

The Swedish daily looked at the statistics on 432 people who were arrested, charged or convicted of murder or attempted murder between January 2017 and August 2021 for or attempted murder with firearms.

The vast majority of criminals are men (97%), mostly aged 18-24although there are also 15-year-olds.

85 percent the suspects were born in another country or had at least one foreign parent.

The newspaper’s analysis shows that the majority of the perpetrators of the shootings, 62%, are from the Middle East or the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia). They include immigrants from Iraq, Syria, the former Yugoslavia and Turkey.

89 percent of them arrived in Sweden before 2010, so against the great wave of refugees who started pouring into Europe in 2015.

Most of the analyzed criminals, 56%, did not graduate from primary school.

This year, 44 people were killed in shootings in Sweden, the most in history, and 102 were injured.

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