Shopping centers: Lockdown should be a last resort

The organization referred to a possible tightening restrictions associated with pandemic. She stressed that the security measures applied in shopping malls are in line with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and the Ministry of Development and Technology. The WHO guidelines and Safe Shopping Centers – an international organization certifying safety in retail outlets, have also been implemented in commercial facilities. “Compared to other European countries, Polish sanitary regulations applied in shopping centers are one of the most stringent. Shopping facilities are also subject to regular police and sanitary inspections” – it was noted.

According to the PRCH, introducing a lockdown should be the last resort. “In the case of the shopping center industry, the potential lockdown will result in a reduction in employment and the inability to pay liabilities to banks resulting from statutory regulations rental (Art. 15ze1 of the covid act), and even bankruptcy of shopping centers and the weakest tenants. There are still other measures to be used, such as intensification vaccinations or not introducing limitations for the vaccinated, “wrote the organization.

According to PRCH, the existing ones closing of commercial establishments in galleries did not translate directly into a reduction in the number of cases in the country. In addition, data on the number of visitors to shopping centers show that the government’s decisions to partially close and open shopping facilities cause sudden, unnecessary increases in footfall, it was pointed out.

At the same time, it was recalled that there are currently over 120 operating in shopping centers vaccination points.

The organization called on the government to thoroughly analyze the consequences of introducing new ones constraints on the economy and the shopping center industry and the introduction of such regulations that by limiting the epidemic will not have catastrophic economic consequences.

“The effects of the previous four lockdowns on the shopping center industry, lasting 145 days, have led to a serious imbalance in the financial liquidity of both tenants and landlords – owners and managers of shopping centers. Each subsequent restriction of the activity of shopping facilities will aggravate the current multi-billion losses in the industry” – it was stated.

As stated, so far losses due to statutory regulations rental amounted to over PLN 6 billion, i.e. over 60 percent. the landlords’ annual income. The owners of commercial facilities also bear additional costs related to the application of sanitary standards. “The shopping center industry employs around 400,000 people, therefore the undisturbed functioning of the gallery can save a lot jobs“- it was written.

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