Shopping is becoming more and more expensive in Parma: discount prices increase by 15%, online by 27%

In recent days Federconsumatori Parma has started a field survey to measure the real increase in the prices of the shopping cart in the Parma area and province. The first survey concerned a chain of well-known discount stores and the comparison of two receipts one year apart led to highlight increases of 15.8%, well above the inflation figure of 11.8% released by Istat.

This time, online shopping receipts from a leading chain were examined. This choice was made because online shopping represents one of the new trends but above all because it is a fundamental service for the disabled, the elderly and people who, either for physical problems, or for the absence of a car to be able to stock up or for carry bulky items, they cannot do otherwise. It is therefore not a luxury. The consumer who provided the receipts for the survey is forced to shop online for serious health reasons and, again for the same reason, is forced to buy food products with particular characteristics that already have a high cost.

The observed period is from April 14 to today, therefore a short period of time. The average increase in the receipt, considering the products always present in the numerous expenses, is 27%, the official Istat data of the shopping cart, on an annual basis (our receipts are calculated over a semester) is 11%.

Naturally, the Istat data is weighted, ours is an arithmetic average, but the distance is abysmal and the official data does not take into account the real difficulty of families. To give some examples of price increases: products such as lactose-free cooking cream recorded increases of 60%, private label paper napkins grew by 58%, lactose-free milk by 35%, butter by 58%. %, “private label” frozen margherita pizza grows by 23%. “We wanted to show once again – explains Fabrizio Ghidini, president of Federconsumatori Parma – how unfortunately real life is far from official data. The inflation photographed by Istat translates into increases on the shopping cart that go well beyond the official figure and that are creating a justified panic in all families ”.

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