Short and scaled bob: care and stars who love it

Its curious name, it is said, comes directly from the most ancient tradition of Victorian England, when it was of particular use and practicality to cut the tails of work horses, naming this practice with the verb “to bob”. Hence the current meaning which, very similar to the mane of beautiful horses, refers to girls and women who choose to give a twist to your hair lookshortening it to a comfortable Bob cut.

Different from squarenot so much by way of being, but more by spirit – given that the first encompasses all those helmets with a marked vintage and retro allure – the category of Bob cuts, on the other hand, includes elements with a much more modern mood, especially focus on the perfect fit of many scales. Here is a short guide to Cosmopolitan on Short and layered bobhow to make it, keep it and stars to take inspiration from before meeting your trusted hairdresser.

short and layered bob

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What is meant by short and scaled bob

By now the magic formula that has marked its success is no longer a secret. Of great trend also in this 2023especially if declined in the cheeky variant Shaggy or in the more refined version Shobthe Bob short and scaled it is a cut that is really good for everyone, whatever the shape of one’s face, but also one’s chronological age.

It is precisely its precise and often intense layering or unthreading, which adapts it to the features, creating volume where it is needed, based on the features to be accentuated or hidden, but also the characteristics of one’s hair, if thick and capable of thick and fluffy hair of nature, therefore to be made less swollen, or very thin, to be emphasized. Furthermore, if these positive characteristics were not enough to convince you of its absolute beauty and portability, the Bob short and scaled, it lends itself well to colors of all kinds. From single colors to those enriched with numerous shades, which thanks to the scaling are thus able to stand out, from shatush to balayage, without forgetting the face framing.

Physiognomy aside, the wording Bob short and scaled refers to today to a cut from mini lengths, which when dry does not go beyond the jaw line. Embellished with scaling (strands left at different heights, but always in a very natural way and without exceeding) which, unlike the even cut bob, are able to give it even more dynamism and movementas well as volume, it is perfect to wear with short punk or long bangs, French or the very popular curtain variant.

Not to mention its thousand facets of asymmetry which often see it characterized by long ends on the front and very short hair on the back, or vice versa, or again in the variant of lateral asymmetry, where the tuft itself slightly increases the lengths on only one of the two sides of the face.

Short and layered bob, how to keep it

Be it romantic or jauntyto bring up the Bob short cut And climbed as one of the most loved cuts by girls and women, moreover very trendy in this 2023 that has just begun, it is certainly also his absolute ease of put in pose and maintenance. After careful washing with shampoo and conditioner, as well as other specific treatments for the complete nourishment and hydration of your hair type, so that the entire hair is healthy and bright, the short layered Bob can be styled in various ways.

In version smoothto be replicated with the help of a hair dryer and, if you want extra hold, even a straightener, both never to be used at excessive heat, or in a shameless version move or curly, which requires you not to comb your hair immediately after washing, so as not to disassemble natural curls and waves that will stand out in the new and interesting cut. The Bob short scaled – it is a fact – however, it gives its best in its hairstyle deliberately messy And wildwith lengths, scales and ends moved by hand during drying.

The same effect that in summer, when the heat permits, can be obtained by letting it literally dry hair in the open air, especially for smooth, naturally wavy, curly and light beach waves, which do not need special care procedures for their hair and for perfect styling.

The hair-mania of the stars? The short and scaled bob

The Bob short and scaled cut? Be it in super version version Shaggywith fluffy tufts and left free to air in the wind, in a strong rocking mood, or Shobwith bangs or without bangs, but still with subtle cuts that make it perfectly posed, but never boring, to frame the face, it is the favorite cut of many stars who over the years – and above all now that the fashion of the short and scaled crazy – they don’t stop showing it off on red carpets and other public events, with trendy outfits.

They chose the short bob and scaled celeb like Diana Agronthe flagship face of the series gleewho embellished it with a fluffy tuft, but also the equally very blonde ones Scarlett Johansson (who for a long time wore it asymmetrical, with evident layers on the back and long points on the front) e Jennifer Lawrencewho has always been a great lover and promoter of short hair.

But in the rich list of VIPs who have sported the short and scaled Bob cut they certainly cannot be missing Anne Hathawaythe couple Emma Stone And Ashley Benson who has often chosen to style the cut in a retro and romantic mood, passing through Alexa Chung, Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato And Taylor Swift.

Another pop star for whom the short cut has always been a trademark, accompanied by elegant fringes or tufts. The actress Julianne Hough, Selena Gomez and many others.

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