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The Spanish midfielder is ready to sign a two-year contract, convinced by ds Wise

Cesc Fabregas arrives in the Italian league, but not in Serie A. The Spanish midfielder, released, is the surprise blow for the Como midfield, convinced by the Larian club ds Dennis Wiseformer Chelsea just like Fabregas. A two-year contract on the shores of Lake Como is ready for the world champion with Spain with the prospect of a career as a coach in the near future.

An idea born at the end of June, one of those intuitions that are thought impossible until they are concretely tried to do. Cesc Fabregas not only did he take Como’s approach seriously with the proposal of a two-year contract, but as a free player after his experience at Monaco, he chose it among the different options that were not lacking on his table.

Already in the past Fabregas he had been close to the move to Italy, Milan wanted it at the time of Arsenal, but now the time has come for a particular adventure but important in its own way.

At 35 years old Fabregas he has no retirement in mind, but he wants to have fun and with Como di Gattuso he has the opportunity to bring his quality and experience to a young and motivated group. The palmares speaks for the Spanish that between Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona he won everything, as well as with Spain, putting the 2010 World Cup and two European Championships on the board (2008 and 2012).

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