shower of stars for Gucci in Castel del Monte- VIDEO

There are also the latest generation of Hollywood stars Dakota Johnson, Elle Fanning, Davikah Hoorne among the celebrities who landed in Puglia for the most anticipated fashion event; the parade Gucci in Castel Del Monte. But there will also be iconic faces from the silver screen such as Stanley Tucci, famous among other things for having played the right arm of Anna Wintour in the film “The Devil Wears Prada”. The director of “Vogue America” ​​could in fact be among the guests.

While it certainly won’t be missing Anna Dello Russo, director of Vogue Japan and born in Bari. Their photos have made the Apulian public dream, even on social networks where they have been posting images from various locations for hours (Davikah also celebrated her birthday at the farm). But through the social channels, there are dozens of faces in fashion and entertainment that in these hours make the beauty of Puglia shine in the world. Among the superstars are also expected Lana Del Rey and colleague Jared Leto, both faces of the Maison. Among the Italian VIPs There is also Alessandro Borgowho is staying in Molfetta to which the singer has joined Emma Brownwho plays at home being from Puglia and staying at Palazzo Dogana, and the actress Blessed Porcaroli, rising star of Italian cinema. In Puglia also the actor Blake Lee and the actress Jodie Turner-Smith, both already guests of the Gucci Love Parade.

Event fever is growing, especially on social media but also live judging by the crowd that welcomed the Maneskin’s arrival at Castel Del Monte last night, where they will be among the super guests of the fashion show. After the eagerly awaited catwalk, the 350 guests of the event will move to the Montegusto farmhouse, near Frederick’s castle, for an exclusive party in which the band will take part. Among the superstars there should also be Iggy Pop and Lady Gaga. Both are somehow related to the brand name. In fact, Iggy Pop has already collaborated with the Gucci fashion house, participating, together with two other cult artists, as the protagonist of the Men’s Tailoring Gucci collection, two years ago. While Lady Gaga was the cinematic face of Lady Gucci. Meanwhile, to the delight of the fans, the band wanted to test the Apulian waters with a nice dip, which immediately went viral.

From Dior to Gucci: Apulia is the catwalk of international fashion. But there are those who turn up their noses: that’s why

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