Showers of scholarships for Robecchetto’s students

The Municipality of Robecchetto con Induno rewards deserving students with over 22,000 euros in scholarships.

The ceremony in the council chamber

Yesterday evening, Tuesday 6 December, in the council chamber of the Town Hall, in Piazza Libertà, the ceremony for the delivery of scholarships to deserving students of lower secondary schools, technical institutes, high schools and students university students who distinguished themselves in the 2021/2022 school year.

“The Municipality’s goal is to support those who have distinguished themselves in school based on profits”

The municipal administrators, the representatives of the sponsoring companies (Ecologica Naviglio, Mitaca and Sodexho) and the families of the awarded students were present.

«The objective of this Administration is to support students who have distinguished themselves with scholarships and who are identified at the end of each school year according to different criteria that take into account merit and income, so that they can continue their education and growth » said the mayor George Braga and the councilor for public education Claudia Chiodini.

The protagonists of the awards

21 students received the awards. For middle school, Fabrizio Galimberti, Martina Introini, Alessia Telesca, Stefano Bonavita, Alessia Fiorio, Samuele Garofalo; for high schools Valentina Berra, Alice Cantarini, Alice Colombi, Giulia Garavaglia, Gaia Rampinelli; for higher technical institutes, Ivan Gualdoni, Lorenzo Mantovan, Enio Metaj, Mattia Miramonti, Gaia Montani; for the University, Eleonora Dall’Oco, Alessia Ferrari, Riccardo Fiorio, Alessandro Gastaldo and Elisa Plodari.

The specific amounts

As for the amounts, in detail, there were three scholarships of 500 euros, another 3 of 333 euros; 10 instead the scholarships of the amount of one thousand euros. Finally, five students were awarded a scholarship worth 2,000 euros.

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