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If you haven’t seen the popular show, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez’s half-time Super Bowl champion, in the final of the league, such a violent sport that is american football, I advise you to take a look at it. It is a production lavish with lots of noise and a hectic pace. There have been some criticisms on the overall sector, but it’s more the fanatical christian radicals, who sued the organization to present, on a show of pornography, and so on. But most of the reviews speak of the triumph of the Latin, and it was a taste of the empowerment of women. The one that leaves me stunned.

What I saw were two important artists, the two women have fought a lot and they are really powerful, going up to the stage to sell a few pounds of meat. Is it really necessary to have two singers in this dimension, they go almost naked to the 43-to-50 year-olds, respectively, acting on the organs in the body and shaking her hips in a pantomime of a presentation tool? Just think of the waxing and full the essential for you to appear this way, makes me feel tired nonsense. The difference between A dress and, say, offer the flesh of Shakira, JLo, and all the features of the environment invited guests who have been great and the singers, the men have appeared so dressed as trappist monks. Now imagine, if you will, for example, Julio Iglesias, in order to continue with the theme of the Latin quarter, I needed to sing at the age of 50 years old, at the height of its success, is in clothes to a minimum, with a strip of latex-free scoring in the abdomen, and a swimwear black string bikini. In the picture, it’s eerie, isn’t it? And it’s not just hair-raising: shocks and jump out of our skins. Why were we not shocked when you are to the women?

The Super Bowl is, as you know, is the symbol of America is the most conventional and the most male-dominated. In the company of the Trump, to make it clear to you. In the movie the american, which is known to be self-critical, left us with this iconic image of her husband here, which, lying on the sofa, watching the game on tv with a case of beer on the side. A hundred million people see it live, the show is over, which means the pressure of the public, and money is a very important thing, a force of backward-looking, which can cause a lot of damage. It was with Janet Jackson in 2004, in the same range as the Super Bowl showed a nipple (not even that: it was covered by a patch), supposedly discovered by accident by a colleague from the stage, and Justin Timberlake. The career of the Music went on without any problems, but Not to be buried for ever. further proof of the sexism that prevailed.

And this is the temple of the reacionarismo the most disgusting and the most male, Shakira, and JLo show, who are likely to be present as a female subject. Before you know exactly who to put a woman in very little clothing, in a position to lascivious to sell a car, for example, was the use of sexist, reductive and vulgar woman. Now it appears these two great artists needed to do the same, to sell themselves and call it empowerment. I don’t know, that’s part of the way we lost it in such a way that the channel.

For added confusion, at a time when the spectacle of Jennifer Lopez lights up the stage as the traditional symbol of the feminine, as you know, the circle with the cross, which, it seems to me it would be the height of the chaos, the ideological (girls, don’t let it be the woman is not to be taken in to appear in the nude, and climbing sinuosamente in a bar). Soon after the appearance of this symbol, and it’s already almost the end of the show, one image of the televised final of the enquadro of the bottoms of the two divas together, rolling and churning her work as blenders. And I think She and JLo are not taken advantage of the opportunity to make up for it a little bit of so much female flesh: they ought to have been followed here by some of the buttocks of the male nude, which, of course, in would be thrilled with a significant portion of the audience, I have a theory that the more you tap, the more gay). You really don’t feel a sense of shame due to the fact that the finale of the show’s two women are great you have to be to show you in the ass? I feel this way.



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