Showrunner explains why Netflix’s ‘One Day’ has tragic ending

This article contains major spoilers for One Day.


  • Showrunner Nicole Taylor explains why
    one day
    Despite the desire to change it, the tragic ending was retained.
  • The decision to keep the original ending was made in order to maintain the thematic and structural integrity of the story.
  • The aftermath of Emma’s death and its impact on Dexter and her friends are carefully considered and addressed in the adaptation.

one dayThe producers explained the decision not to change the tragic ending.Based on the novel by David Nicholls, which was made into a 2011 film with Anne Hathaway, Netflix’s one day On July 15, 1988, the story happened on the graduation night of Emma (Ambika Mod) and Dexter (Leo Woodall). That night the two met, and the next morning they parted ways. However, the bond they formed proved to be more lasting.

during an interview packafter the adaptation hit theaters on February 8, showrunner Nicole Taylor discussed the ending in detail and Decided to preserve the facts of Emma’s death in bicycle accident. Although Taylor admits she understands “Throw the book out the window” She elaborated on the circumstances surrounding her choice to keep the ending. Read her full comments below:

“I didn’t want to do that to her because I love her, and the audience doesn’t want (that). Everyone who has read the book remembers how it felt when that happened. “You just want to throw the book out the window . “

“There were a lot of thoughts. I came into this topic wanting to reflect and think about whether this was still the ending we wanted. I thought it was a reasonable thing to do. I had considered other endings, but fundamentally this ending is integrated into the entire work. The story has its own thematic integrity, it has its own structural integrity. I feel like the overall meaning of the piece demands it, and I feel like any changes to the ending are uncalled for. Unprovoked and would undermine the overall impact of the article, so I think it’s the right thing to think about it and question it and not just take it for granted.”

“What I did was spend a lot of time thinking about Episode 14 and how we dealt with the aftermath, so I’m happy with how we handled it because we were so invested in Dexter’s aftermath and how he dealt with the aftermath. Thinking about taking it with all her friends.”

“I opened it and read it in one sitting, and I just said, ‘Oh my gosh,’ and this book is just as good as I remembered it, if not better. I just feel like it’s a contemporary British classic. It’s a book that’s based on The opportunity to tell episodic novels in an episodic way, to me it was the perfect opportunity. Netflix gave us (free reign): “Tell the story in as many episodes as you need to tell the story. “. So for me, I just wanted to do a very faithful adaptation of the book and really capture the characters, especially Emma, ​​because she’s very close to my heart. I really identify with her, almost I know Everybody identified with her, especially the women. So I just wanted to really write this character and do justice to David’s book.”

Why the One Day series had a brutal ending

Often the appeal of a book adaptation is not what happens, but how it happens and how it is brought to life.romantic drama Exceeded testing in this area.and one day Netflix’s adaptation won strong reviews from audiences and critics, allowing the actors time to develop their characters.Woodall is far removed from the character he plays white lotus Maude doesn’t come close to her character on the hectic hospital drama in Season 2 this will hurt you.


One Day Cast and Character Guide

Netflix’s miniseries One Day is packed with lovable characters and features a mostly stellar cast of rising stars, with some big-name stars among them.

Produced by Nicholas, the show makes a unique choice in a soundtrack full of British needle drops. Some are familiar and some may be less famous, but they help evoke emotions in the audience and place them next to the characters. Ultimately, Emma’s death hits hard because of Maude’s performance and everything the show’s writers, directors and Woodall did to make it happen.This explains why the Netflix version is more popular than the movie version one day The Rotten Tomatoes score is as high as 91%.

one dayThe ending is also bold because as far as TV conclusions go, the conclusion is pretty certain. Season 2 may focus on other couples with a similar story structure, but Emma and Dex’s story is over. Like the series itself, their story tells not only how it ends but, just as importantly, everything along the way.

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