shunned at the cinema, this film with Anne Hathaway rose to first place in the ranking!

A new time, netflix allows a film that is far from having been a hit at the cinema to be caught up. Because this feature film with Anne Hathaway is a success on the platform. He even managed to pull himself up at the top of the ranking.

The start of the school year has begun for subscribers. After a busy summer to say the least, they are entitled to several good surprises at the beginning of September. Therefore tenetChristopher Nolan’s film was added a few days ago in the catalog of American society. What to satisfy the fans with this critically acclaimed film which experienced a great success in theaters.

This film flopped at the cinema and is a hit on Netflix

But Netflix also offers moviegoers the opportunity to watch movies that are totally passed through. Like French comedy At Miami. It had been a flop at the cinema, but did quite well on the streaming platform this summer. This is also the case of Escape Game 2: The world is a trap which was still in the Top 10 most viewed movies last week.

This week, it’s another film that made very few admissions to the cinema who monopolizes the top of the ranking. Holy WitchesThe Witches in the original version took everyone by surprise. This fantasy comedy was placed directly in first place according to the specialized site Flixpatrol.

Anne Hathaway stars

It’s about a adaptation of the novel of the same name written by the Briton Roald Dahl and published in 1983. The realization feature film has been entrusted to Robert Zemeckis. This one is well known to the public with hits like Back to the future, Forrest Gump And Alone in the world.

Anne Hathaway hold it Premier role of this film cut out for the whole family. It tells the story of an orphan taken in by his grandmother who lives in Alabama. He discovers that the witches exist and will have to face their queen, embodied by the 40-year-old actress.

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Its release had been canceled in France

This entertainment had everything blockbuster of this end of 2020. But the Covid-19 epidemic went through there. Postponed several times, the theatrical release was finally canceled in France as in other countries. In the end, he only collected only 26 million dollarsfar from the hoped-for bonanza.

On the side of reviews, they were not tender. On the specialized site Rotten Tomatoes, it struggles to reach the average and it’s the same thing on Allociné where it only collects 2.4 out of 5 stars on the side of the spectators. It is now up to Netflix subscribers to make up their minds.

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