Sicily regional elections, live results – Projections: Schifani ahead of De Luca by almost 20 points. Athletes behind, head to head with the 5s

Renato Schifani clearly in front. This is what emerges from the first projections on regional elections in Sicily. The counting, in fact, began at 2 pm. The Opinio Italia Consortium for Rai estimates, in the third projection, the center-right candidate al 42.2%, very similar to Swg for La7 than from Schifani to 41.7%. Far behind the leader of the South calls North Cateno De Luca, 22.6% for Opinio and 24.7% for Swg. The fight for third place has yet to be deciphered: according to Opinio, the center-left candidate Caterina Chinnici is at 17% e Nuccio Di Paola (M5s) at 16.1%. Swg instead gives the candidate of the Democratic Party 15.4% while the candidate of the Cinquestelle 15.3%. And it is already time for celebrations: “We have the president of the Sicilian Region: Renato Schifani. Palermo and Forza Italia. There has been a lot of talk about the split vote in the electoral campaign, but there was nothing but something physiological “, commented the leader of Fi in Sicily, Gianfranco Miccichèspeaking with reporters in Schifani’s electoral committee.

According to the projection of the Consorzio Opinio Italia for Rai, with a coverage of the sample of 43%, it is a fight for the title of the first list in the Regionals. Brothers of Italy is given at 15.8%, the 5 Star Movement 15.4% and the list South calls north of Cateno De Luca at 15%. The Pdon the other hand, it is estimated at 12.5% ​​while Come on Italy at 12% and the League at 7.6%. In Sicily for the regional elections voted the 48.62 per cent of those entitled. At the previous regional in 2017 he had voted the 46.75% of voters. The province with the largest turnout is Messina with 53.4%, where the De Luca list managed to elect two candidates in the single-member constituencies of the Chamber and the Senate: the deputy mayor Francesco Gallo and the councilor Daphne Musolino.

In Sicily it was possible to express the disjoint vote and, according to the consortium’s projection, the coalition of center right it would have obtained 48.4%, 6.4% more than its candidate for governor. Reversed figure for De Luca would have obtained 4.6% more of the votes of his movement (18%). The split vote also affected, but to a lesser extent, the other two candidates who had more preferences than those obtained by the coalition: Chinnici at 17%, against 16.1% of the center-left, and Nuccio Di Paola, with 16, 1%, against 15.4 for the M5s. Different picture the one presented by Swg for La7. According to their projections, the 5 Star Movement would be the first party with 15.4%. Second place for Forza Italia, given at 14.1%. Third in the South list calls Cateno De Luca north at 13.5%. Only fourth the result of the Brothers of Italy (at 12.8%). The Democratic Party would stop at 11.6%.

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