Sicily regionals, high tension between M5s and Pd after the deposit of the symbols: “The dem underestimates the situation”. Alliance at risk

Rags fly between the and the M5s and the Pdin Sicily: “The Democratic party Sicilian looks more and more like the national one, that’s not right ”, he thunders Nuccio Di Paola, regional referent of the Movement. The reason for the clash is the symbol of the demfiled today in Palermo for the next regional ones on 25 September. Last Wednesday, in a heated meeting, the M5s asked you essentially that Chinnici was a candidate Super partesand had also advanced the request that the Pd did not sport the candidate’s name in the symbol. An excessive request according to the dem who had immediately responded with a sharp no.

And so it was, on the symbol of Democratic party deposited today is the Chinnici’s namethere is not instead in the one deposited by M5s. One more reason to clash at the eve of the presentation of the lists: there is still time until August 26. By that date the two parties will have to decide whether to stay still in coalition or not, despite the Roman break, and after having signed together the rules for the primary to which both sides voted. Meanwhile, Di Paola raises the bar: “I am sure that Chinnici will soon respond to our 9-point document, the problem is the Democratic Party: he is underestimating the situation”.

In the opposite coalition, however, the positions on the candidacy of Renato Schifani, but not without stomach ache. The name of the former president of the Senate was decided between Antonio Tajani, Giorgia Meloni And Ignazio La Russa. All done leaving in the dark the plenipotentiary of Fi in Sicily, the president of Ars, Gianfranco Micciché. And in the end the move was successful: Giorgia Meloni chose from a shortlist of candidates, according to some unconfirmed reconstructions. After the announcement of F on Friday it is frost dropped in Fionly to come up with a new proposal, that of Barbara Citizens, advanced by Micciché and immediately refused. The force fighter was finally forced to succumb and on Saturday morning he launched a statement in which he formalized the candidacy of Schifani, who in the meantime remained silent.

This is the exegesis that, after infighting and vetoesled the center right to find the square. But it is a synthesis that leaves many defeated on the field, and that many define “absurd”, there are even those who bet among the ranks of the center-right that if “Schifani wins he will not end the legislature, given the inquiries in which he was involved and the process underway in Caltanissetta“. Meanwhile, this outcome sanctions the defeat of Nello Musumeci, the outgoing president, who after strenuous resistance to Micciché’s attacks (“A cat would win against him,” said the blue), gave way, leaving the most coveted seat on the island, without reconfirmation. But Schifani’s choice also strikes a blow to Micciché, not only because it is the result of an agreement without his knowledge, but also because the former president of the Senate is part of that wing of Come on Italy less close to him and who was in favor of the reconfirmation of Musumeci, so much so that he had sketched a mutiny last March, when the spirits in the center-right were very hot. Schifani therefore turned out to be the good name for not giving it a complete victory to the president of Ars, who was in the end squeezed into a corner, swallowing the bitter morsel served by Meloni.

Meanwhile, the official has arrived on the candidate chosen by Italy alive And Action to run as governor: it’s about Gaetano Armao, current Vice President of the Sicilian Region and Councilor for the Economy. This was announced in a joint note by the Renzians and the party of Carlo Calenda. “We are very grateful to Gaetano for having accepted the candidacy – continues the note from the two parties -. His is a high-profile figure and represents an offer of competence and concreteness for the Sicilians while both the center-right and the center-left are grappling with theaters, divisions and crossed vetoes. Sicily and its citizens deserve much more ”. In the past Armao was close to Forza Italia, while before joining the council of Nello Musumeci he had also been councilor with Raffaele Lombardo.

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