Sick Putin? Here is what doctors say about the health of the Russian

The Is Russian President Vladimir Putin sick? Are his actions the consequence of a physical or mental illness, of the use of drugs or are they just the expression of his cruelty? There are hundreds of theories that have been debated every day since Putin decided to invade Ukraine (and some even much older). It goes from the hypothesis of Parkinson’s to that of cancerwhile others focus on personality disorders. Many scholars, however, refuse to think of Putin’s disease because it would almost be like some kind of alibia way to justify his misdeeds, and underline how in reality the invasion of Ukraine is part of an expansion project that has already begun many years ago, which makes it possible to identify in his political action a continuity which would therefore be based only on his expansionist aims and not on health problems that would affect his behavior. Yet they have already been underway for years research on a possible Putin’s disease and many doctors, even illustrious ones, have had their say on the Russian dictator. Let’s see what scientists think of the various possibilities and that is that Putin has cancer, Parkinson’s, back problems or has changed due to the consequences of using certain medications. His obsession with sport is also part of all this.

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