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This Friday, the 29th, Sid Moreira will be 96 years old! Throughout his career, he has amassed an extensive list of memorable works, largely due to his outstanding voice. Examples include the narration of paintings by the illusionist Mr. M in Fantastico and his CD Bible, which sold millions of copies. Currently, he lives with his wife Fatima Sampaio Moreira, 59 years old, and continues to share parts of his life on social media and participate in interviews.

On September 10, the presenter celebrated on his social networks that he is spending the first weekend in his new home in the Serana district of Rio. This place is on the first floor, with lots of grass and trees, and a lot of nature. Beautiful gardens and an outdoor swimming pool are planted. Sid also took to Instagram to show off how he has set up a new gym with brand new equipment.

Sid Moreira’s new home — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Sid Moreira’s new home — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“Please be happy in your new home,” a follower wished. “Beautiful place,” praised another on the social network. “Congratulations, what a paradise!” exclaimed a third about Sid Moreira’s new home.

The presenter and his wife moved out of the duplex penthouse where they lived, also in Rio’s Serana area, and moved into a new home. The location is 680 square meters and is located in the same area as reported in the play section of O Globo newspaper. Due to work commitments, the couple decided to move to a new address with the aim of establishing a state-of-the-art content production studio.

Sid has a YouTube channel called “O Cid Moreira” where he records interviews with Fatima, with whom he has been married for 23 years, readings from the Bible and poetry, as well as some food recipes. Among his other notable works are the presence of a presenter during television appearances in programs such as “Jornal Nacional” and “Fantástico”.

Sid Moreira and his wife Fatima, journalist's 95th birthday — Photo: Instagram Reproduction
Sid Moreira and his wife Fatima, journalist’s 95th birthday — Photo: Instagram Reproduction

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