Sid Wilson Receives Important Appointment From Vice President Kamala Harris

Sid Wilson, president and CEO of the Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility (HACR), the largest advocacy group in the United States promoting Hispanic inclusion in business, along with other Latino leaders, is sworn in as the new Commissioner of Advisors to the President Took. Commission on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Hispanic Peoples.

Wilson wrote on his LinkedIn profile:

It was such a memorable day yesterday in Washington, D.C., when Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris, along with 20 Latino leaders, appointed the new commissioners of the President’s Advisory Commission on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Hispanic Peoples. Sworn in as

Originally established in 1990, the commission was reinstated in 2021 by President Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14045, which expanded the initiative’s scope.

“We look forward to working with Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, Executive Director of the Initiative, Melody Gonzales, and her team to advise the President on educational and economic issues affecting Latinos in America. Serving in this It is an honor to have an official volunteer capacity with a respected group of national leaders dedicated to the benefit of our Latino community,” Wilson said.

Appointed by the President, the Commission is composed of no more than 21 members, which may include people with relevant experience or knowledge in the field, as well as people who may act as representatives of different sectors, for example:

  • Education (Early Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, Higher Education, Career and Technical Education, and Adult Education)
  • trade union
  • research Institute
  • public and private charitable organizations
  • The private sector, non-profits and community organizations at the national, state, tribal, regional or local levels

,The nation’s future prosperity and global leadership in all areas is inextricably linked to the success of Hispanic and Latino students, and their success is a priority of this administration.”, highlighted the White House.

Washington emphasizes that members of this commission must have the ability to provide specific information about the experiences of young adults, including young adults, and the diversity of the country’s diaspora and geography.

,Part of the scope of the work they’re doing, yes, is focused on our youth leaders and our youth, but understanding that we also need to be aware of the needs of their parents and their grandparents and their teachers and their communities. It also has to be clear, because none of us live in silos. everything is in context”, Vice President Kamala Harris declared in a speech.

The Commission shall provide advice to the President through the United States Secretary of Education on matters relating to educational equity and economic opportunity for the Hispanic and Latino community, including:

  • What is needed to develop, implement, and coordinate educational programs and initiatives in the Department and other agencies to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for Hispanics and Latinos.
  • How to foster career paths for in-demand jobs for Hispanic and Latino students, including registered apprenticeships, internships, scholarships, mentoring, and work-based learning initiatives.
  • Ways to strengthen the capacity of institutions, such as HSI, to serve Hispanic and Latino students equitably and to increase the participation of Hispanic and Latino students, Hispanic-serving school districts, and the Hispanic community in the Department’s programs and other agencies.
  • How to raise public awareness of the educational and training challenges facing Hispanic and Latino students and the equity disparities and causes of these challenges.
  • Approaches to establish local and national partnerships with public, private, philanthropic and non-profit stakeholders to advance the mission and goals of this Order, consistent with applicable law.

,So it’s all part of the work of this wonderful group of leaders who will help inform and advise how we think about our work and, as the Secretary said, give us feedback, give us advice, give us direction. give how we can best achieve our mission, doing so in such a way that we fully understand the challenges and opportunitiesadded Vice President Kamala Harris.

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