side A punches out the screen

Emily Ratajkowski for the umpteenth time among the absolute queens of the web, the new shot attracts the eyes on her infinite curves

Among the most seductive beauties of our days, with a global fame that now precedes her wherever she goes, one cannot fail to mention the fantastic Emily Ratajkowski. The US supermodel, 31, has one of the profiles Instagram most followed ever, capable of always giving breathtaking images to admirers.

Emily Ratajkowski (Instagram photo)

Emily Ratajkowski, on the web is now an absolute legend: the top model strikes again

An unmissable appointment for the social community, the one with Emily’s stories and new posts, who manages to condense in a sublime and masterful way class, elegance, endless sensuality and now perfectly recognizable everywhere. The super model, who in our latitudes we have come to know quite well for a decade now, thanks to a famous advertising campaign for a local underwear brand, has also made herself appreciated all over the globe as an actress, creating a real myth around you and your curves, simply perfect in every detail.

Not by chance, after all, we are dealing with a beauty with a ‘heritage’ of almost 30 million followersa figure that places it in the very first positions on Instagram. In recent times, Emily has returned to posting with good regularity, confirming a charm that has entered her legend and that always manages to arouse very strong emotions in her audience.

Emily Ratajkowski, elegance and plunging neckline: the detail that once again ignites the imagination of the web

Emily Ratajkowski, here we go again: side A punches the screen
Emily Ratajkowski (Instagram screen shot)

In this shot, all her seductive aura is condensed, from the magnetic gaze to the neckline in a refined dress, but capable of literally piercing the screen. The vision of her A-side, widely invoked without veils for years by most of her Italian admirers – and perhaps it is no coincidence that she is one of the most appreciated beauties in our country, and which in turn adores Italy, where she often she came on vacation – to the point of spawning a cult hashtag, she always manages to ignite the senses of fans. The temptation to zoom, when it comes to Emily, is always irresistible, the vision inflames the atmosphere and naturally triggers not only an authentic avalanche of likes but also enthusiastic and enraptured comments from all over the world. The appointment with Ratajkowski’s devastating shots is confirmed as simply unmissable.

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