Side parting hair new Gen Z trend thanks to Zendaya

Hair with side parting, the return

Can a single person overturn a consolidated trend that belongs to an entire generation? Yes, if that person’s name is Zendaya.

L’child prodigythe spearhead of Generation Z, with its latest appearances, including the most recent at the fashion show Valentino SS 2023 at Paris Fashion Weekshe managed to change her peers’ minds about a much-discussed issue on social media, one of those capable of creating deep rifts between one generation and another: hair.

On Tik Tok the Zoomers asked themselves this question, and have never had any doubts about the answer, at least until now: the parting of the hair, where to do it?

Central, of course.

For the champions of Generation Z, the line is worn only central, because it is more natural and spontaneous, and because it is capable of giving a younger and fresher air. On the contrary, the side row is considered cringe, out of place, strange, and above all it is seen as an element that makes the face heavier and older. Therefore, for Gen Z, the side parting, worn by almost all Millennials, would help make them more “old”.

Through debates on social media, they had taken a clear and definitive position, until today, the day in which Zendaya officially moved to the Millennials team, bringing with her most of her peers, born after 1996. The Euphoria star chose this look for the Valentino show, wearing her hair down, but with a wet effect at the hairline, where a deep side line has come to life.

Zendaya guest at the Valentino SS 2023 fashion show

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