Siegel and Hamann top the training

David Siegel turned out to be the best in the first two training series before the inaugural Continental Cup competition 2021/2022 at the Olympic hill in Zhangjiakou (HS140). The German representative showed a jump of 123.5 m and 129 m. In the third round, his compatriot Martin Hamann (129.5 m) was the winner.

In the first training series, David Siegel flew the farthest. The German representative scored 123.5 meters and overtook his countryman, Philipp Raimund (117 m) and Austrian Stefan Rainer (117.5 m). Moritz Baer (114 m) was fourth and Thomas Lackner (118.5 m) was fifth tied with Martin Hamann (117.5 m).

The following positions were taken by Ulrich Wohlgenannt (115.5 m), Janni Reisenauer (112.5 m) and Maximilian Ortner (106 m). The top ten was closed by Felix Hoffmann (115.5 m).

The first practice was played from the 16th starting beam.

David Siegel also excelled in the second training where he soared to 129 meters. Right behind him were Ulrich Wohlgenannt (124 m) and Martin Hamann (125 m). Philipp Raimund (117 m) was fourth, Moritz Baer (119.5 m) was fifth, and Thomas Lackner (121 m) was sixth.

Stefan Rainer (113.5 m) was ranked seventh, ahead of Maximilian Ortner (112 m) and David Haagen (112 m). Romanian Nicolae Sorin Mitrofan (109.5 m) was tenth.

The second training series was carried out from the 17th platform.

In the third round, Martin Hamann flew the farthest with 129.5 meters. Ulrich Wohlgenannt (127 m) was second, and Maximilian Ortner (129 m) was third. The following positions were taken by Felix Hoffmann (126 m), Moritz Baer (122.5 m) and Stefan Rainer (123 m).

The top ten of the series also included Philipp Raimund (124 m), Sabirżan Muminow (127 m), David Siegel (118 m) and Janni Reisenauer (114.5 m).

The third training series was carried out entirely on the 18th and 17th platforms.

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