Sienna Miller, fashion icon of the 2000s is back with Anatomy of a scandal

Undisputed queen of fashion boho chic 2000s, the actress returns to give style lessons in the TV miniseries based on the homonymous literary success by Sarah Vaughan.

Gen Z won’t know (too small at the time) but in the mid 2000s there wasn’t a girl who didn’t want to dress like her. Influencers ante litteramtrendsetters, fashion iconwith its Coachella-style looks, before the Festival became a real trend, Sienna Miller has quickly climbed the Olympus of fashion, becoming the undisputed queen of boho chic style.



Born in New York and raised between London and the Statesthe actress has sported since her film debut a super glam wardrobe made of skinny jeans and maxi belts, ballet flats and denim vests, crochet dresses and designer bags (above all, the City of Balenciagarecently relaunched by the maison). In short, everything that at the time was desirable and desirable for teenagers and girls.



And then he put them in public appearances, from those reserved for adults music festivals like Glastonbury, a perfect mix of retro elements, romanticism and folk accents inspired, in which she stood out alongside other fashion icons such as Alexa Chung and Kate Moss.
Up to the elegant dresses – but always characterized by a slightly rebellious vein – very photographed on red carpetnot counting i front row of the fashion shows where he was a permanent presence, from “Brit” brands such as Burberry to Matthew Williamson, to Vuitton, Dior and today Gucci, of which he never misses a show.

Sienna Miller



Also worthy of note are the tried and tested “off duty” outfits: the flower dresses carried strictly with the beaniesthe low rise mini combined with the tank top, the striped blouses they boots of every shape and material, also worn in summer.




A very personal style that has consecrated her to it girl international and which over time has undergone a more minimal and sophisticated evolution. At the age of 41, Sienna never ceases to enchant us, also thanks to the latest work in which she is the protagonist and which everyone has been talking about for a few days.



Anatomy of a scandal”, the new miniseries by Netflix based on the homonymous novel by Sarah Vaughan and signed by David E. Kelley, consisting of six episodes is already a small cult. The star wears the luxurious clothes of Sophie Whitehouse: a woman fromupper class British woman grappling with the betrayal and rape allegations against her husband, a very prominent minister of the United Kingdom.

Sienna Miller Anatomy of a Scandal 5

Sienna Miller Anatomy of a Scandal

To frame the plot (and to make us dream) are the look of the protagonist: tailored coatssoft and perfectly cut dresses, cashmere turtleneck, small gold jewellery, bucket bags, sandals and décolleté with a respectable attitude. Even in her free time, Sienna is the bearer of that impeccable casual made of sweaters argyle and soft pullovers in light tones and rubber boots, a perfect fashion “lookbook”.
All declined in one elegant and chic color palette ranging from neutral tones to warmer shades and which goes perfectly with the colors of Miller.

Sienna Miller Anatomy of a Scandal 4

Sienna Miller Anatomy of a Scandal 2

Sienna Miller Anatomy of a Scandal 3

The result is adiscreet eleganceunder the banner of no logo, of sobriety, of fits that are never too tight or excessively sensual but still very feminine. Nothing has been left to chance since Sam Perrythe costume designer of the series. He deserves credit for having created a wonderful wardrobe, putting together pieces of Max Mara, Stella McCartney, LoeweThe Row. Dozens of garments and accessories that – we are certain – will soon enter ours too wishlist

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