Sienna Miller’s beauty secrets that can be useful to everyone

Actress, model and stylist: Sienna Miller she is one of the most popular celebrities of the decade, thanks to her career studded with successes and some inevitable gossip about her private life (the more informed will remember that she was Jude Law’s partner for some years, between front-page betrayals and reconciliations ). Rising star nominated for a BAFTA Award in 2008, Sienna Miller also starred in Clint Eastwood’s 2014 hit American Sniper, opposite Bradley Cooper, as well as garnering nominations for the prestigious Golden Globe.

His historic make-up artist, Wendy Rowehe told Vogue its beauty secrets. The make up artist was also an artistic consultant for Burberry (he invented some iconic products such as Fresh Glow and Contour Pen) and knows perfectly Sienna Miller’s strengths, but not only. As she herself explains in the biography of her website, Wendy constantly receives requests for beauty advice, precisely because of her extensive training in the professional field. She was also creative director and make up artist for Max Factor and has developed a range of eco-friendly lipsticks for the luxury brand Bouche Rouge. In short, a well of knowledge, creativity and experience.

Sienna Miller’s beauty secrets: from preparing your face to choosing your foundation

The mutual trust between Sienna and Wendy is the basis of the success of every look of the actress: from the most famous red carpets to film premieres, passing through photo shoots. The two are on the same wavelength and it is not a coincidence at all, quite the contrary. “We don’t have to do any moodboards because we understand the concepts to develop as we go along” explained the make-up artist, tracing the outlines of a great understanding between the two.

Wendy Rowe explained that the Preparation of the actress’s skin, after years of collaboration, has been reduced to just 15 minutes. Here are the basic steps that she carries out before any make-up:

  • cleaning and exfoliation of the skin
  • lymphatic drainage e massage
  • mask to be applied and kept in place just before makeup (in the case of Sienna, use a rose gold-based illuminating solution)

The first secret of the make-up artist is just this: “It’s all in the preparation and no need to overload” has explained.

Sienna Miller and the make-up used by her trusted make-up artist

Turning to make-up real, however, Wendy has revealed that on Sienna Miller uses foundation light but not poorly opaque sticks where needed, and at the same time bright without being shiny. The texture is also fundamental: it must be easy to blend and apply, consequently the foundation represents a fundamental choice to make based on your skin but also on the dexterity and ability to know how to use it, to enhance both the product itself and the face.

“Celebrity makeup is like wearing a couture dress, it has to fit the person. It’s about figuring out what works best for each face, it’s not one size fits all.” Wendy said. And this goes for all of them. Makeup must adapt and be able to enhance everyone’s traits and strengths, without distinction.

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