Sigur Rós: a cinematic experience with Skel

The Icelandic group Sigur Rós has unveiled the video for “Skel”, a track from the album ÁTTA, now available in physical format.

Discover “Skel”, the new single from Sigur Ros, in which the group shows a worked aesthetic, which is found in all the pieces of their new album. This ambitious clip was directed by George Jasper Stone. Check it out via the player below:

“I wanted to show through this film a journey seen by a spiritual being” declares the director. “I like to create works that emulate a simulation, where virtual spaces have their own organism and evolve according to their interactions. I intend to show two distinct environments. One represents a living utopia and the other shows a futuristic landscape born from the consequences of human actions on the environment. Skel connects to the feeling of vulnerability in a crisis context. I tried to capture the transition between these two virtual spaces, in a moment of chaos and instability. »

“Skel” is taken fromATTAthe new album from Sigur Ros, available in physical format since September 1st. This is their first album in 10 years. “We have been so busy touring in recent years that the idea of ​​a new studio project took time to come to fruition,” explains bassist Georg Hölm in an interview with the editorial staff. “If we spoke regularly with Jonsi (the singer of Sigur Ros), (but) nothing really concrete came out of it, musically that is. Then Kjartan (Sveinsson, the keyboardist who had seceded for a while) came back into the game. He spent a few evenings with Jonsi, and that was the first click. They started sending me drafts of ideas and, given their nature, we quickly agreed together that collaborating with an orchestra was obvious. In the end, things took a little longer than expected: the album should have been released last year, but a new tour interfered with our schedule. Not to mention we weren’t completely happy with the result at this point. »

ATTA is available

Here is the tracklist and cover:

  1. Glóð
  2. Blóðberg
  3. Skel
  4. Klettur
  5. Mor
  6. Andrá
  7. Gold
  8. Ylur
  9. Fall
  10. 8

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