“Silence makes me sick, it took its toll on me”; Gian Marco’s heartwarming thoughts after emergency surgery Revali | answer

Peruvian singer-songwriter gian marco zignago He surprised his followers by revealing that he had to undergo an emergency operation after a serious illness was discovered during a routine check-up.

Through his Instagram account, the national interpreter said that he feels lucky to have been able to survive after the stressful moments he had to go through.

He said, “I decide to tell this story because I feel alive, because I want to be grateful to be here and continue to plan life.”

“Last month, after some routine checkups, my body gave me signals that something was not right… My doctor advised me to do some more tests and get an MRI done. After waiting for a few days and seeing the results The news was not encouraging, so I had to go in for surgery last week.”

On whom was Gian Marco to be operated?

The producer of songs such as “Part of the Game” and “If You Were With Me” said he went through trying days after finding out he would have to undergo surgery.

Happily, the interpreter indicated that he was now completely free of the disease, which he did not wish to reveal.

“A week after surgery, thank God, I can say that I am free from the disease that I do not want to mention. I thought a lot about my father, about my closest people, whom I love And he left this plane from one moment to the next.”

What thoughts did Gian Marco have about his illness?

Singer Gian Marco Zignago reflects on health and the importance of getting timely preventive checkups.

“Life is a breath… don’t be silent. Don’t put energy into anything that doesn’t add up or isn’t worth it. The silence makes me sick… It took its toll on me. Pay attention to your body, a simple visit to the doctor can save your life, said the Peruvian artist.

Finally, he thanked the people who were with him during this process, such as his daughters, his mother Regina Alcover, his girlfriend Julie Molina, his close friends, as well as the medical staff who waited to save his life. .

He concluded by saying, “Don’t let happiness or desire take over… You’ve got to put on a pretty face and lots of music for everything.”

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