Silent Hills PT

A Silent Hills PT camera hack shows a really creepy detail on Kojima’s famous Silent Hill demo deleted.

A camera hack from Silent Hills PT has revealed a disturbing detail: Lisa is always behind the player. Literally.

To find out was the YouTuber Lance McDonald, who talked about it on Twitter where he published pictures and videos demonstrating what he says.

McDonald: “In PT it is normal to hear some noises that make Lisa seem always behind us, or to see disturbing shadows moving in front of us. When we turn around, we can’t see anything. I made the hack of the game to allow to see behind the character without having to turn and … “

“She always remains attached to the player’s back as soon as she takes the flashlight. Here (referring to the video attached to the tweet below) I show you the ominous shadows, so I lock the camera and move on, showing how she is always there .. . and follows us … “

Nicely, McDonald pointed out that Lisa frightened him several times while he was testing the patch to lock the camera. It also seems to have more to show and would like to make the patch controllable by the controller.

PT was released as a demo of Silent Hills by Hideo Kojima before Konami aborted the project and drove out the well-known designer. The demo has been downloaded over a million times and many still have it installed on their PS4, although it has since been canceled from the PS Store.

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