Silvia Pinal suffers from pain after overcoming flu

Is it dangerous?Silvia Pinal may get sick after recovering from flu
Silvia Pinal developed pain after recovering from the flu.Photo: Getty Images

first actress Sylvia Pienaar Good recovery After discharge influenza. However, According to his assistant,proposed a pain problem.

Silvia Pinal becomes sicker after recovering from flu

in a interview and Windowing, Ephigenia RamosThe heroine’s assistant explained Recovering from the FluAlthough proposed a sore for his length of stay.

“He’s fine, the only problem was he came out with a sore so we had to heal that but everything has been fine since then”, the woman said.

In addition, he also said, The protagonist of “Mom”93 years old, Will be evaluated every day “Guided by his physiotherapist so he can move more”.

Similarly, Ephigenia Ramos share say actor can taste Typical New Year dishes,although the diet they implement Doctors.

“They told us it was porridge but it wasn’t and since he arrived he has tried cod, baked spaghetti, mincemeat and lasagna. On Sunday he had king cake.”, The assistant reassured.

same, The heroine’s right handAs one of the last heroines of Mexican cinema, she admits “She was very strong and hungry for life”.

Do the diva’s children know about her health?

Ephigenia Ramos I’m sure Silvia Pinal’s children come to visit her.However, Alejandra Guzman did not leave his side, so Put the heroine first before he works.

although, He pointed out that his friendas Jacqueline Andrethey have Through the phone The actress said she was happy for him love and affection take over.

Sylvia Pienaar93 years old, one of them the most important mexican actressesdue to his work Cinema, theater and television.Furthermore, it is matriarch of an important dynasty.

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