Silvio Berlusconi president of the Senate? After the failure of the race at the Colle, the offender is now aiming for the second position in the state

The forbidden dream, the climb to the Colle higher than Rome, it vanished before it even began to materialize. Five months ago there were no votes, no conditions – let alone the chance – to elect Silvio Berlusconi President of the Republic. And even before the voting began, the leader of Come on Italy he pulled back. But now that the government of Mario Draghi he fell suddenly and that the center-right seems to be heading towards a sensational electoral victory, from the parts of Arcore they have begun to dream again. And this time it is a much more realistic goal: the presidency of the Senate. With the utopia of the first state office over, the former prime minister began to focus on the second: a position that would also guarantee him the status from alternate from Sergio Mattarella. A double revenge for Berlusconi since almost nine years ago – it was November 27, 2013 – he was expelled from Senatedeclared lapsed after the final sentence to 4 years in prison for tax fraud. After being kicked out, therefore, he would reappear as president. But let’s go in order.

Salvini’s assist, Meloni’s go-ahead – The news of the possible election of Berlusconi to the second position of the state had been anticipated by Republic last July 24th. To push him to the highest seat of Palazzo Madama would be an agreement signed with Matteo Salvini: in exchange for Berlusconi’s support for the fall of the government Dragonsthe leader of the League he would have promised the important task to the head of Forza Italia. A go-ahead would be in principle as well from Giorgia Meloni, much more focused on government leadership. There would obviously be no problem with numbers: almost all polls give the center right the majority in both the House and the Senate. According to the regulation, therefore, by mid-October (i.e. twenty days after the date of the elections) Berlusconi could be elected at the top of Palazzo Madama: having already turned 86, he would be the oldest ever to be elected on the chair that was from Cesare Merzagora And Giovanni Spadolinibut also of Renato Schifani.

Denials and confirmations – A few days ago, however, the former prime minister had denied this hypothesis, claiming that the news relating to his ambition for president in the Senate were “totally unfounded“. Yet already the day before the background of Republic Alan Friedman – always very informed about Arcore’s affairs – he explained to La7 that Berlusconi had collaborated in the fall of the Draghi government “for the desire to take revenge and come back from president of the Senate, the same Senate that expelled him ”. The American journalist had wanted to enhance his reconstruction by emphasizing that he was “Berlusconi’s biographer”.

The race for the Senate – For a possible candidacy for the succession of Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati it is still early. For sure there is only that for the moment the man from Arcore has confirmed that he wants to race for one of the two hundred seats remained available – after the cut of the parliamentarians – at Palazzo Madama. “I think that I will run for the Senateso we will make everyone happy, after receiving pressure from many, even outside Forza Italia “, he said to the microphones of Radio One. The impression, in truth, is that of a remake of the race to the Quirinale: Berlusconi demanding the support of the coalition to be elected president of the Senate, with the leaders of the Lega and Fratelli d’Italia who – slightly embarrassed – take time . Even if it is not a question of becoming head of state, in fact, even in the hypothesis of an election to the presidency of the Senate, the same contraindications already underlined by the collection of signatures of the Fatto Quotidiano in January last year. Let’s see what they are.

The expulsion from the Senate – Berlusconi, as mentioned, is a prejudiced for tax fraud, having been sentenced to four years. A sentence that put him out of business, on a political level, for five years. And to say that on 1 August 2013, the day the Supreme Court put the stamp on the sentence, Salvini himself wrote on social networks: “Berlusconi sentenced to 4 years. Now I’m curious to hear how the Kompagni of the PD, both in Parliament and on Facebook, will justify the fact that they are in government with a Condemned“. The uppercase belongs to the leader of the League. The same one who wanted it – at least in words – at the Quirinale. And that today would be the first sponsor for Berlusconi as president of the Senate.

You fly to Brussels (very rarely) – It is known, however, that everything flows quickly in politics. Very quickly. Already in 2018, on the other hand, Berlusconi collected the rehabilitation, after being entrusted to social services. The following year he was elected to the European Parliament: a post, the one in Brussels, which didn’t take too long. According to data from ‘midterm‘on the current European legislature, published by Politic last January, Berlusconi was the MEP more absent of the whole Plenary: he was present at the voting only in About 59% of cases, less times even than Ioannis Lagosone of the leaders of Golden sunrise in prison since April 2021 because he was found guilty of setting up a criminal organization.

The ruling of the Ruby ter, the investigation into the massacres – Apart from the only definitive sentence received so far, then, in the judicial curriculum of the Prime Minister, there are still other issues to be resolved. The sentence in the trial is expected in the autumn Ruby ter: Berlusconi is among the defendants and is accused of corruption in judicial acts for having paid some witnesses of the so-called “elegant dinners“Of Arcore. For him, the Milan prosecutor asked for a six-year sentence. Then there are the ongoing investigations. At the moment Berlusconi is still personally investigated (together with the historic right-hand man Marcello Dell’Utri) from the prosecutor of Florence as the alleged covert instigator of the 1993 massacres of Milan, Rome And Florence. The investigation – of which there is no news of filing to date – was implicitly confirmed in November 2019 by the leader of Forza Italia himself. The former prime minister’s lawyers had produced the documents to demonstrate how their client was still under investigation by the prosecutor responsible for the “continental massacres” committed by Cosa Nostra. In this way, Berlusconi was able to present himself with the status of “suspected of a related crime”Before the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Palermo, which was celebrating the second degree trial on Negotiation between pieces of the State And Cosa Nostra. Process he had seen in the first instance Dell’Utri sentenced to 12 years. And it was the former senator who asked for the testimony of his friend Silvio, who, however, had been able to make use of the right not to answer. In the end, despite the silence of the man from Arcore, Dell’Utri was anyway acquitted: for the judges it has not been proven that in 1994 he communicated to his friend Silvio – who has just become prime minister – the massacre threatens of Cosa Nostra.

The money in Cosa Nostra and the role of Dell’Utri – In the almost three thousand pages of the sentence, however, the Court of Assizes of Appeal considers it confirmed that even after the appointment of the Forza Italia leader in Palazzo Chigi “the meetings between Mangano and Dell’Utri continued. Conversely, from these same data, it is not possible to draw one further confirmation and equally sure about the fact that the content of these encounters was also informed Silvio Berlusconi“. Therefore it is proven that, even after Forza Italia’s victory in the elections, one of its co-founders continued to meet Mangano, the mafia boss famous for having been a stable boy in the villa of Arcore in the 70s. The sentence speaks of two meetings: one in the summer of 1994 and one in December. And on both occasions Mangano would have received reassurances from Dell’Utri on the work in progress to get approved rules favorable to the mafia. The appellate judges write of “elements such as to suggest that in that period, between 1993-1994, Dell’Utri actually met mafia characters to weave a political-mafia pact which included Mangano’s meetings with Dell’Utri to deliver the Cosa Nostra’s wishes to him ”. The former senator has already been definitively convicted for external competition to Cosa Nostra, but only for the facts committed up to 1992: for the following ones he was definitively acquitted. Now this sentence argues that his relations with Mafia men continued into the following era. Furthermore, on page 2879, the judges write that “it can then be considered that, at least until 1994, Cosa Nostra received a sum of 250 million lire for ‘antennas’ Palermo give her television companies referable to Berlusconiaccording to one dynamics as well established as Riina, conversing with his companion in detention, he was pleased with this six-monthly periodicity for the money that, in his way of saying, was due to the Cosa Nostra ”. In 1994 Berlusconi was already prime minister: money continued to flow out of his companies in the direction of Cosa Nostra.

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