Simeone’s wife is already in Naples, only the official status is missing!

Giovanni Simeone and Giulia CoppiniGiovanni Simeone and Giulia Coppini

Giulia Coppini, wife of Giovanni Simeone, publishes the shot on Instagram from the Hotel in Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Now only officiality is missing: Giovanni Simeone will soon be a footballer for SSC Napoli. After having undergone medical examinations and having met Spalletti in Castel Volturno, the Argentine striker has not been called up for yesterday’s match in Verona as he has not yet been officially registered.

Nothing serious: the formalization of his purchase was put on standby for timing related to the membership and if he was not in Verona it is probably also for a physical matter, since he practiced for a month practically alone. Perhaps behind the failure to call there are also agreements between SSC Napoli and Hellas Verona.

Simeone’s wife in Naples

Latest news. In any case, Giulia Coppini, wife of Giovanni Simeone, has already arrived in Naples and joined her husband in the hotel in Corso Vittorio Emanuele where he resides waiting to find a home. Only the official status of its purchase is awaited. Here is the shot published by Giulia Coppini on Instagram.

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