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Kamala is the new superheroine introduced in Ms. Marvel, a teen TV series broadcast on Disney + that mixes reality and fantasy without giving up superpower. But which TV series to watch if you liked this one?

What to watch if you liked Ms. Marvel: Similar TV series to catch up
Ms. Marvel

Also Ms. Marvel joined the superhero world of the MCU, debuting as the star of one TV series stand alone on Disney +. The first episode aired on June 8, 2022 and introduced the story of Kamalaa high school girl who is infatuated with superheroes, especially Captain Marvel. And it is inspired by this character that he creates his first costume, a little for fun, a little for freedom. His family doesn’t like that world and tries to keep their daughter down to earth, respecting their traditions.

Ms Marvel
Ms. Marvel

But Ms. Marvel was born to give breath to a character who suddenly discovers i superpowers and does not want to do without it anymore. Kamala Khan’s journey has just begun and is destined to shine in the future as well, probably intertwining with others super young of the Marvel world. If you enjoyed this TV series, then make a note of the next suggestions, because there are so many other stories to discover.

TV series to watch if you liked it Ms. Marvel

One of the peculiarities of Ms. Marvel is that the protagonist is a girl who daydreams. The world of superheroes is a fantasy that mixes with reality. But Kamala would never have believed it possible to run into superpowers one day and has always been with her head in the clouds. A similar TV series and always from Marvel is Hawkeyewhere Hawkeye meets a young heroine, Kate Bishopplayed by Hailee Steinfeld. Kate would never have believed one day to join Clint Barton on an armed adventure, yet she did. That world so far away suddenly becomes hers and she finds herself fighting on the side of the good guys and defending her family from the enemy.

Ms Marvel
Runaways / Hawkeye

Taking a cue from the MCU, a story that might be of interest to the audience of Ms. Marvel is Runaways which tells the story of very young people with superpowers. Another fantasy TV series that distances itself from the MCU is Darkness and Bonesknown in the original language as Shadow and Bone. Based on the novels of the same name by Leigh Bardugo, the TV series debuted with a first season and just finished filming the second. The story is set in a fanciful universe, the Grishaversewhere there are humans and people with special abilities, sayings Grisha.

Ms Marvel
Shadow and Bone / Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Staying in the teen field, another exciting story is that of The terrifying adventures of Sabrina, a show aired on Netflix for four seasons that told the misadventures of the witch Spellman in a dark way during her adolescence. Also the show is loosely related to Riverdalewhich by theme and plot could be included in the advice related to Ms. Marvel.

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