Simone Borin, father of little Matilda killed in Roasio, died: he was 46 years old

Simone Borin, father of little Matilda, died of bronchopneumonia in the hospital of Busto Arsizio, killed in a house in Roasio in 2005 when she was just over two years old.

He died yesterday morning, Thursday 27 October, at the age of 46 due to bronchopneumonia Simone Borin, the baby’s dad Matilda killed at 22 months in 2005 in Roasio. Owner of a funeral home a Busto Arsizio, the death occurred in the city hospital, where he was hospitalized following his deteriorating condition.

The case of her daughter Matilda has kept Italy in suspense: the little girl was killed in 2005 in a house in Roasio, in the province of Vercelli, where he was on vacation with his mother and partner. After so many years and trials, justice has surrendered to the impossibility of identifying a person responsible for that crime.

Arrested and tried, the baby’s mother, Elena Romani, who at the time of the crime was separated from Simone Borin, has always been acquitted in all levels of trial.

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Similarly, after being investigated on the loose, the woman’s partner, too, Antonino Cangialosi, was sent to trial and acquitted. They were the only two people present in the house at the time of the death of the child, killed according to the results of the autopsy by a very violent kick in the back that crushed her liver and kidney. After 16 hearings, eventually the case went unpunished. On February 5, the Supreme Court closed the story of the little girl without identifying a culprit.

According to local press reports, on January 30, a few days before the Cangialosi court hearing, Borin lost his head. “Stopped for a check by the traffic police he began to rant in the name of Matilda: ‘You all killed my daughter, the state has not given me justice, no one will pay for my child'”, reports the Prealpina.

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