Simone, from the duo Simone and Simaria, has ten employees in a mansion

Kaká Diniz, husband of Simone, from the duo Simone and Simaria, revealed that their house has ten employees. They live in a mansion in a luxury condominium in São Paulo.

“How many employees work at your house?”, asked Kaká’s follower when he opened a question-and-answer box on Instagram last Sunday (10).

In response, he joked: “Here at home, it looks like a boarding house. I’ll just show you, look! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And the gardener and the swimming pool are still missing.”

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Simone has already revealed in her stories that the mansion generates a lot of expenses for the couple. “To keep a big house is a lot of people working, you know how it is. But we also generate jobs, but, my daughter, it’s a lot of struggle. Because there’s a business here, soon another dirty one, then there’s the floor downstairs, I don’t know what… Too much. But in the end, it works.”

In addition to the house in São Paulo, Kaká and Simone bought another luxurious mansion, in Orlando, in the United States.

The artist took a tour of the house in March last year and showed that the rooms are decorated with Disney and Marvel characters. The artist’s husband and Henry and Zaya, the couple’s children, have personalized rooms featuring Harry Potter, The Avengers, Lego and Disney princesses.

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