Simonovese denounces new attack on Venezuelan coffers by ‘Essami gang’

Simonovese denounces new attacks on Venezuela’s Treasury by Chavez leadership

Criminal investigator Iván Simonovis warned through a message on social networks that the Chavista elite was planning a new round of looting of public treasuries.

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Although Alex Saab has returned to Venezuela, other officials, including Tare, used PDVSA to launch a multimillion-dollar fraudulent recruitment campaign, according to the former political prisoner. Carmelo Di Grazia, entourage of Tareck El Aissami.

Alex Saab pays the price and regains control of regime’s illegal activities Others exploited PDVSA, Tareck El Aissami and Roger Ramírez’s Carmelo di Grazia (Carmelo Di Grazia) Continuing attack on public financesthey conducted another multi-million dollar “negotiation” on fuel oil purchase and diesel sales contracts“He said via his account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Simonovese noted that DiGrazia escaped the law by assisting Roger Ramírez and Pérez Suárez in perpetrating a multimillion-dollar fraud by operating at CompassBank sanctions.

The security expert therefore denounced a new wave of corruption attacks on the Treasury, focusing on the links in the banking industry that allowed Chávez’s top brass to carry out these white-collar crimes, despite the announced anti-corruption fight.

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