Simplified environmental assessment to demolish the San Facundo Dam rejected

The Ministry of Energy Transition and Demographic Challenges published a resolution this Monday in the Official State Gazette (BOE) that Rejects simplified environmental assessment of San Facundo Dam demolition project, is located in Bembibre. The Ministry is required to submit the project to the normal environmental assessment process because “Significant adverse effects on the environment cannot be ruled out.”

According to the text, the General Directorate of Quality and Environmental Assessment analyzed environmental documents and reports from various administrations, concluding that Potential effects on elements of the environment that have not been adequately treated. The magnitude of these effects may be greater than that estimated by the Mino-Sill Hydrographic Confederation.

In particular, uncertainty about possible Impact in the urban center of San Facundonoise and odor emissions due to possible detonation to demolish the dam and the installation of a sludge treatment plant near the city. The environmental document lacks acoustic and odor modeling to support the developer’s claim that there will be no impact.

Also expected production of large amounts of wasteThe dam contains approximately 17,500 cubic meters of soil with high levels of plastic and heavy metals accumulated. The proposal highlights that the classification of sludge as non-hazardous waste has not been adequately studied, nor has the options for its management been studied, nor has the authorized manager who will take charge of it been specified Has been done

The resolution also states that there could be serious consequences for inadequate management of works and sludge. contamination of surface and ground water, as well as in associated riparian ecosystems. The segment of channel affected is classified as fishing shelter Due to its favorable ecological conditions for the conservation of common trout, any collection of waste downstream of the dam can have a very negative impact, as happened during some sediment cleaning work on the dam in 2010.

Additionally, it is mentioned that during the work to optimize access, tree and shrub specimens will be affected, some of which are large.

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