“Simulated destruction of Great Britain and the US”

Vladimir Putin tried to delete the Great Britain they United States from the map with chilling nuclear exercises: this was stated by a leading Russian military expert ». With these words, the alarm was raised by the British newspaper The Sun which cites the intervention of Colonel Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the Russian magazine National Defense, pronounced during a television broadcast.

Putin wants to conquer Bakhmut at all costs, that’s why it is a “strategic city”

What does Korotchenko claim in his speech on Russian state TV? During the Thunder operation the other day, the nuclear exercise wanted by Putin, there was a simulation of an intense nuclear attack by Russia in retaliation for an elusive attack by the West. Ballistic missiles were launched. Yars and an intercontinental Sineva (from a submarine in the Barents Sea).

Well, according to Korotchenko, “these tests were practicing a massive nuclear missile strike in response to a first nuclear strike against Russia. Who could launch a first nuclear strike on Russia? The United States and the United Kingdom. I don’t know if Macron would join this adventure and if he was considered in this scenario. It is very important that we have shown who our main enemies are and what awaits them. There is no compromise. The signal has been sent. ‘ The climate around Putin is such that, pressed by the presenter who with her zeal reflects the line imposed on the Russian media by the Kremlin (“have we trained to destroy Great Britain and the United States?”), Korotchenko replied: “Absolutely right.”



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