Single Tim-Open Fiber network, unbridled lobbying is not good for the dossier

An attack on the circle (Tim), one on the barrel (Open Fiber) and, in order not to miss the mark, one for all at Cassa Depositi e Prestiti: have been bouncing for days in the press, on online portals and on social networks taking a stand against one or the other company with the leaders in the crosshairs of this or that faction.

The “opinion leaders” are the spokespersons of theses on the single network to be set at the table of politics, pulling Giorgia Meloni’s jacket and putting it on “On guard” on “secret” moves of the board to shuffle the cards. Where you want to go is incomprehensible: it is one thing to give news on what would be looming in the context of the spin-off project – considering the deadline of 31 October set to reach a binding agreement on the integration plan – another thing is accuse the shareholders of incapacity and even of subterfuges against the new executive and messes of various kinds.

Cdp in the sights of the “haters”

It is on CDP that the most glaring media pillory is being consumedand: in the dual role of shareholder of Tim (with almost 10%) and Open Fiber (of which it holds 60%) the Cassa has become the protagonist of daily attacks on the verge of the hate campaign. It is even attributed to top of Open Fiber a maneuver aimed at taking out “the best” – complete with assists from specific political parties. And maneuvers of this type would also be carried out in the Tim house to “convince” the CDP to deliberate on the dossier before the new government takes office and against the intentions revealed by the center-right during the election campaign.

A climate that is not good for anyone

In short, whoever has more, more but all this is not at no cost: the role of the press and the media is fundamental in the debate on the unified network dossier. Not a few times when Press articles impacted the performance of the Tim share, analysts’ opinion and the climate within the company, with employees now in a constant state of fibrillation about their future. And also the portrait that is being painted of CDP does not bode well for the next climate. Also worth mentioning the lack of respect towards politics (all) and the future government: judging by the content of the “letters” in the press, the future Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni would be completely unaware of Cassa Depositi’s plans and the single network dossier. And it sounds hard to believe.


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