Sinistra Italiana calls the base to vote to validate the alliance with the Democratic Party. The Greens: “Against the extreme right the only way is with the dem”

Italian left call the base to decide what to do on the agreement with the Democratic party and the centrists, while i greens confirm the will not to ally with the M5s and to be available for an agreement with the center left. After yesterday’s meeting that had made “progress” between the national secretary of SI Nicola Fratoianni, the leader of the Greens Angelo Bonelli and the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta, the secretariat of SI met in the night and decided, based on the statute, which will be given to the members of the red-ecological front to express themselves on the alliance with the Democratic Party and centrists, even in the event of an agreement. The base of the Italian Left, in fact, has been in great turmoil for days. This is because on the one hand SI was in opposition during the Draghi government, and the alliance with the dem and centrists would have as its pivot the so-called “Draghi agenda“.

The knots of the Italian Left

An agenda that thoughas explained yesterday by President Draghi himself, in fact it does not existbut instead indicates an approach, a concrete way of doing things made up of answers, interventions and reforms in the face of emergencies and needs, and which requires internal as well as international credibility to preserve and gradually implement the results achieved. On the other hand, the doubts of the Si base are motivated by continuity pressing by Carlo Calenda on the Pd, who repeated clearly by not wanting either the Italian Left, the Greens, or the coalition Di Maio. In addition to this, there is also the variant M5s, with Giuseppe Conte that between one hit and the other, in fact, has not completely ruled out a possible alliance with the Greens and the Italian Left. And from the base of SI it is precisely divided between the possible alliance with the dem and centrists and that with the pentastellati.

The request of a part of the SI base to ally with the M5s

A part of the base of the Italian Left, in fact, has drawn up a document in which the party is asked to commit itself “to promote a public confrontation with all national political subjects (starting, but not limited to, our allies in Green Europe and the M5S) and local ones (the many civic experiences and the social left), to overcome mistrust and promote a pole that is actually alternative to the right and distinct from the liberal center “. The online voting for the 3,000 members is scheduled for tomorrow, August 6thalthough previously the party leadership received the 65 percent preferences to proceed with the alliance. A vote whose result, however, remains uncertain, even in light of the disagreements of recent days, not so much with the Democratic Party and the Greens, but with the ultimatums of Carlo Calenda.

The Greens: «La National Directorate deems an alliance with the M5S not viable

In the meantime, Bonelli’s Verdi, after having concluded the national direction in the afternoon, they made it known “that the only alliance that can effectively counter the extreme right in Italy is that, despite all the known differences, of a democratic front starting from the Democratic Party”. “For this reason – reads the press release – the National Directorate deems an alliance with the M5S not viable expressing, at the same time, regret for the failure to reach a broader technical agreement that also included the M5S ».

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