Sirigu is a new Napoli goalkeeper. Contini to Sampdoria

Who will be the Napoli goalkeeper?

Sirigu’s arrival fills a box left empty by Ospina’s farewell. Numerically, even before technical choice, Napoli needed a goalkeeper.

Clear and evident, however, that the doubts about the hierarchies of Luciano Spalletti remain. Because the perplexities shown by Meret in the final of last season were revealed, albeit without the evidence of errors in official competitions, even in this pre-season. Sirigu is an experienced goalkeeper, he knows the top flight and above all he has played at the highest levels, in clubs as well as in the national team. A safe and reliable goalkeeper, the one that Napoli was looking for.

Which for this reason, however, has not stopped looking for another number 1. Kepa would now seem to have passed, while the hypothesis linked to Navas remains alive: it is clear that in the event of the arrival of one of the two – and consequent farewell of Meret – Sirigu would act as second and the other as owner. If, on the other hand, Napoli should confirm Meret and Sirigu as goalkeepers for the 2022/23 season, hierarchies would not be so obvious: starting as a goalkeeper would certainly be Meret. But it is not difficult to think also of a hypothesis of continues relay as already done for the first times of coexistence of Meret and Ospina, when only in a second moment the latter took over.

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