Sister Britney Spears Cries on vision and calls reality: “I have always tried to SUPPORT HER”

The history of 13 years of judicial supervision over Britney Spears was one of the most famous media topics of the past year. Ultimately, the 40-year-old can again decide about her private life, career and $ 60 million fortune. There is no doubt that public pressure did its job: protests from the #freebritney movement and documentaries made by journalists from the New York Times and Netflix.

For some time Britney Spears She also speaks more and more boldly about the irregularities committed by her family. The bitter words were addressed to her father, who supervised her, but also to her mother and younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. Britney she once confessed that for all the abuses her family should “sit in prison”.


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Now, for the first time, the singer’s sister spoke publicly on this matter. In the latest interview in the breakfast box “Good Morning America” Jamie Lynn Spearswhich is just publishing an autobiography entitled Things I Should Have Said, announced to viewers that she was enjoying the end of her guardianship and that she was helping her sister as much as she could during her time:

I was always the greatest help to my sister when she needed her. I went out of my way to give her the contacts she needed to complete this guardianship as much as possible and all that happened in our family. If it has brought us so many tensions, why wander into it? she confessed, announcing that Britney had also asked her to look after her two sons.


With tears in her eyes, she also told about her relationship with her sister today:

We still love each other. I love my sister and have always tried to support her. She knows it, so I don’t know why our relations are like this today.

Do you think Britney will be willing to answer her sister?


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