‘Situation handled inappropriately’

Although the situation has returned, the clash between Disney and Scarlett Johansson regarding compliance with the agreements made by the two parties for Black Widow has inevitably left its aftermath in the environment, as demonstrated in these hours by the statements of the director of Avengers: Infinity War Joe Russo on the subject.

After Bob Iger’s words about Black Widow last January, in fact, Russo tried to analyze the situation by talking about changes that have taken place in the industry of cinema in recent years, but also strongly condemning the way Disney handled the whole affair.

We are obviously concerned that the market is moving away from artists. The entry of digital companies into the content creation sector is an added value, but it also has its negative sides. These downsides include the fact that companies like Netflix, Amazon or Apple have much deeper pockets, therefore they can pay more and that scares the studios” were the words of the director.

Russo then continued: “So the studios have had a conservative reaction, and are trying to pay their stars less. They’re trying to make IPs their new stars, and by virtue of that they’re trying to reduce their need for stars themselves for their projects. The way Disney handled the situation is was definitely inappropriate. It was offensive to us artists. Scarlett is a dear friend of ours, we felt offended by the way she was treated. We’re glad she’s resolved“.

And you, what do you think? Share the analysis of Joe Russo? Tell us yours in the comments! Speaking of economic issues, in the meantime, let’s find out together how much Disney lost with Black Widow due to piracy.

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