Sivasspor – Ankaragücü: 1-3 (match result)

In week 5 of the Super League, MKE Ankaragücü defeated Sivasspor 3–1. Ankaragücü, who got their first win this season, increased their points to 5, while Sivasspor remained at 5 points.

In the 11th minute, N’G received the ball from the Sivasspor attack from the left wing, and his shot from the diagonal was deflected by goalkeeper Bahadir for a corner.

In the 18th minute, Saiz received the ball in midfield and pulled the ball to the front of the Ankaragücü penalty area. Despite goalkeeper Bahadir’s intervention, Saiz’s powerful shot hit the net. 1-0.

In the 26th minute, Hanošek received the ball outside the penalty area during Ankaragücü’s attack on the right side, and his shot was barely cleared for a corner by goalkeeper Ali Shasal.

In the 31st minute, during Ankaragücü’s attack from the left wing, a pass by Hanušek towards the penalty spot was intercepted by Morutan and the ball was put into the net. 1-1

In the 34th minute, during Sivasspor’s attack from the left wing, Saiz picked up the ball behind the defense from the middle of the opponent’s half, and Bahadir interfered with the shot of Emrah Basson, who controlled the ball at the penalty spot.

The first half of the match ended in a 1-1 draw.

In the 46th minute, Sivasspor’s free kick from the right wing by Imra Besson was missed by Caner, who headed the ball from the left diagonal of the penalty area. The ball went towards the far corner and hit the post.

In the 59th minute, N’G was sent off from the game after receiving a second yellow card for a foul on a player of the opposing team.

In the 66th minute, the defense could not clear the ball that had turned into the center during an Ankaragücü attack from the right wing. The ball, thrown back by Rodriguez, was hit by Tolga inside the penalty arc and the ball hit Appindangoye and then went into the net. 1-2.

In the 81st minute, the goalkeeper managed to deflect Bahadir Saiz’s shot, which entered Sivasspor’s attack diagonally from the left wing.

In the 85th minute, Sivasspor won a free kick from the left wing, and Yunus headed to the ball centered by Emre Ugur, but goalkeeper Bahadir had difficulty clearing his header.

In the 90+6th minute, in Ankaragücü’s counter-attack from the left wing, Cephus assessed that goalkeeper Ali Sasal was not in the goal and sent the ball into the net. 1-3.

Situation: New Sivas 4 September

Ref: Ćağdaš Altay, Mehmet Kisal, Samet Đavuš

Sivasspor: Ali Sasal Vural – Murat Paluli (min. 84 Emre Gokey), Appindangoy, Kaner Osmanpasa, Ugur Siftasi, Yunus Emre, Emrah Basan (min. 71 Burak Kapcak), Charis, Saiz, N’G, Manaz (min. 72 Barrows)

MKE Ankaragücü: Bahadır Güngördü – Kitsiou, Radakovic, Mujakic, Hanousek, Jokanovic, Tolga Ciaurci (Min. 76 Cem Türkmen), Morutan (Min. Bajic

Target: the minimum. 18 Saiz (Sivasspor) – Min. 31 Morutan, Min. 66 Tolga Cesari, Min. 90+6 Cepheus (MKE Ankaragücü)

red card: the minimum. 59 N’G (Sivasspor)

Yellow Card: Saiz (Sivaspor) – Djukanovic, Tolga Czerci (MKE Ankaragücü)

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