Six Movies That Make You Feel Like Getting Cure

Cinema, like life itself, is a great mirror that allows us to see our own history in the history of others. Thus, through its characters, its lights and shadows, but also its sometimes open wounds, and sometimes in the process of healing or closing or bleeding, we find ourselves in our processes and in those contradictions. Can see what are the beautiful and sometimes terrifying human experiences.

for this reason and to bring them to the table movies that make you feel like huggingthat question us about the issues that make us complex and beautiful animals, we asked two clinical psychologists, Paulina Ferro and Juliana Vera, about the tapes we should watch if we’re having our moment of reflection. want to Emotions, grief, love, friendship, resilience.

Recommended by Paulina Ferro, Clinical Psychologist

Produced by Disney and Pixar, this animated tale delves into the five emotions that live inside a girl named Riley and compete to control her actions when she moves with her family to a new city.

So here we know the joy, the fear, the disgust, the anger and the sadness and we can understand that each one has a very important point to defend in this girl’s life that we all have deep down.

“It is an invitation to recognize our emotional world which we often do not understand and which sometimes we want to dismiss, but the emotional world always warns us about things. This film shows us that when emotions appear When we feel our emotions, it is simply to let us know that something valuable is at stake for us or that we miss or that we need. It is a great way to see the goodness of being connected to our emotions. invitation”Palin says.

Recommended by Juliana Vera

According to Juliana Vera, the tape tells the story of Vincent, a teenager with Tourette’s syndrome who is admitted to a psychiatric clinic by his father and whose mother dies. “It helps to see how each person has their own way of letting go, accepting, coping and healing”.

Here the story focuses on how this young man meets Alex, a British Indian-origin who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Mary, who is being treated for severe anorexia, and how they run away from the place together. go and experience various adventures on the road. Then near the sea.

Recommended by Paulina Ferro

In this action-packed, philosophy-filled animated film, Po, the charismatic panda known as the Dragon Warrior, must protect the Valley of Peace with his friends and kung fu masters, the Furious Five.

Thus, a villain who risks his influential life and who intends to banish this martial art and conquer China, makes the strange mammal remember its past and unlock the secrets of its origins, While giving us an important message on how to find inner peace and cultivate self-love.

“It’s one of the most incredible movies to integrate all parts of us with acceptance and self-love and understanding that it doesn’t matter where we came from, but who we are now. It helps us to see that we always have the possibility to choose what to do with our lives, regardless of the past.Psychologists say.

Recommended by Paulina Ferro

Starring Will Smith, the film tells the story of a duel. Here, a successful executive suffers a deep depression after suffering a tragedy and his friends come up with a plan to get him back on his feet.

According to Ferro, the film speaks to us “How do we cope with painful situations and how often is it easy to disconnect from ourselves so as not to face the pain”.

The mental health expert is emphatic when she explains that the film depicts acceptance as a “exit door” To pain “Only to the extent that we accept the pain and move through it that we can get out there and we can give a new meaning to our lives and that event.“, he points out.

Recommended by Paulina Ferro

The plot of this film is simple: the famous Puss in Boots realizes he is living the last of his nine lives and this leads to a series of questions we all ask about the meaning of life. Are.

“It leaves us questioning how we are living our life, how important or how valuable it is to us and if we realize that we are not living it the way we wanted to, we always have the power to change, There is a possibility to decide again. And redirect it”Ferro says.

“It is above all understood that we may lose all freedom, as Viktor Frankl said, except the freedom with which we live”Add.

Recommended by Juliana Vera

It is a high energy story where the characters hope to find a new reason for a life full of love. Thus, what appears to be chaos for Ben, his main character, who has lost his wife, his family, his home, and his job, he connects with resilience and the opportunity to start anew.

It’s when she meets Trevor, with whom she slowly forms a friendship that deeply challenges her and reminds us that in love there is a wonderful and powerful network that sustains us.


And you, which other movie would you add to the list?

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