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Who to aim for fantasy football on? Let’s see six names for the auction, today let’s talk about the midfielders. Here are some ideas, between those who are already doing well and those who need to relaunch. Without absolute tops like Milinkovic or Pellegrini, but with some players who are also quite expensive …

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Khvicha Kvaratskhelia (Napoli): Spalletti was categorical about him: he is a player who has great potential. And in the first friendlies and during the retreat he has already shown great things. Eclectic, modern midfielder, he knows how to jump man well, create numerical superiority and aim straight for the goal. The Georgian has great technique and is a candidate to be the heir of Lorenzo Insigne over time. Al fantacalcio is a name to be circled with a red pencil. In Napoli he has entered very well and is a bonus pawn. Details to memorize: goals and assists can arrive with him. Even from a penalty, because he pulled it in a friendly and on paper it is the second choice after Osimhen. The price will not be low, he is among the big names in the auction.

Saša Lukic (Turin): In a Toro that is changing skin without Bremer and Belotti, he represents in the best way the link of continuity with the past. With Juric he has grown a lot. Now he is a midfielder able to dictate the times, but also to give quality, because he has good technical skills. Last season he recorded numbers that are indicative: 35 appearances, 5 goals and 4 assists. In the middle of the field he is an untouchable. He has long range shooting, insertion times and surprisingly he proved to be a sniper from the spot (three out of three in the last championship). He may be the main penalty taker of the grenade team as he left Belotti, but it will also depend on the transfer market. At the moment, it is to be taken without doubt …

Roberto Pereyra (Udinese): It hasn’t come from a super season. Injuries have undermined his recent league career (23 appearances, 3 goals and 5 assists). But now he is fine and he wants to take Udinese back as a leading actor. In retreat he immediately turned on confirming the positive feelings about his current moment. The Tucu he has an infinite quality: he is an assist man, he is a penalty taker and has always brought goals and bonuses. Here, the penalties. In the Italian Cup he pulled Deulofeu and not him, this brings down an evaluation to the fanta that had already dropped after last season. At a reasonable price, if in your league he is devalued, the Argentine can be taken. Knowing that if Deulofeu remains he can be the first penalty taker.

Gabriel Fatigue (Lecce): Comes from an explosive season, seasoned with 14 goals and 6 assists in 35 appearances. In Serie B he was a super protagonist. On the right wing the extra weapon of the 4-3-3 by Baroni proved to be. In fantasy football projection, one aspect should be emphasized: he has been listed as a midfielder, but in fact he will play practically in attack. Lecce has armored him. And his drifting will be essential to aim for salvation. He is a very interesting pawn, because he combines race, quality and that unique sense of seeing the goal that makes him decisive in an offensive key. At auction he becomes a good joker: he is a holder and even without a bonus he can guarantee positive votes. The price will not be low because he also scored in the Italian Cup. He does not expect 14 goals yet, but he will still be able to offer his contribution, it is more than a bet.

Abdelhamid Sabiri (Sampdoria): It was already understood last year during the season finale. The Moroccan is destined for great things. Confirmations arrived on time during the summer retreat of the Sampdoria team. A crazy goal from midfield with Besiktas, but above all the penalty kicked in the Italian Cup which certifies that he is on the list of shooters from the spot. The former Ascoli can really make a difference. He has a deadly right and when he shoots on goal he combines power and surgical precision. Compared to last season he is certainly better known and will cost more. Much more, after the preseason that he scored between midfield goals and penalties. But you can still try it at auction, he may be worth the investment.

Ederson (Atalanta): Gasperini is shuffling the cards, trying different solutions in midfield. Ederson can be both the midfielder and the attacking midfielder, playing the role of a raider. Last year he had been a driver of Salernitana, with 15 high-level appearances and 2 goals. A skilled midfielder from a technical point of view, but also a physical one, Ederson knows how to fit into the goal area as well. He is a good joker, at a not too high price you can bet.

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