Six types of jewelery with precious stones worth reaching for

Would you like to buy an accessory that will not go unnoticed? One a unique ring with a larger stone it will certainly be. If ladies like to accentuate their eye color with jeweled jewelry, and have blue ladies, a sapphire ring might be a good choice. Combination of colored gems with diamonds on the other hand, if you expect as much brilliance as possible, the winner will be.

By decorating the wrist, it is easy to overdo it. However, a bracelet with colored stones can perfectly complement it casual clothes and beautifully accentuate the hand, and at the same time attract attention. We encourage you to choose from chains decorated with one stone, uniform open bracelets, adorned with jewels on each side and beaded bracelets.

Ruby is a gemstone it has blood color and belongs to the “big three” jewels. It truly is the royal jewel that highlights splendor and great for great evening outings. Moreover, a set of ruby ​​jewelry will be able to be worn by ladies for their formal outfits for many years.

Have you heard of jewelry that expresses personality? It is exactly those supplements that are used by the wearer to make express his style and beliefs. They are often bold and eye-catching at first glance. This is how earrings with precious stones work – you can even say that they are attractive shine, exceptional color and diversity make them the perfect accessories to emphasize personality. Thanks to this, virtually everyone will find a pair that will perfectly match his style. To make it an even more personal choice, you can opt for a couple with a birthday jewel.

Diamonds are a classic, but many modern women and girls prefer something exceptional in an engagement ring, although still based on tradition. Are you one of them? If so, you will not take your eyes off the rings with colored gemstones. Due to the fact that in recent years they have become very popular, you will also find them in the collections of many jewelers, including the KLENOTA studio.

Unique green emerald it will touch everyone’s heart. The word “emerald” means “to overcome difficulties” in Sanskrit. Even if we cannot guarantee such an effect, one thing is certain – when you wear jewelry such as emerald pendant or earrings with emeralds, for sure they will fall in love with them and they will no longer have difficulties choosing their favorite jewelry.

So, which of these accessories do you like the most?

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