Ski jumping 2021/22 – general classification of the World Cup

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Before Saturday’s inauguration of the World Cup, Poles had great appetites. All because of Stoch who won the qualification on Friday.

Only two Poles in the final series

It was not so good in the competition itself, although again it was Stoch who was the best of the White and Reds. After a weaker first jump, he improved in the second and moved up to fifth in 20th place. Unfortunately, in the final series he was accompanied only by Dawid Kubacki, who was classified in 13th place.

Geiger won in front of Ryoyu Kobayashi and Halvor Egner Granerud. It is these three who lead the general classification of the Ski Jumping World Cup 2021/2022.

It was not a Polish Sunday

The start of the World Cup did not go well for the Poles. Unfortunately, Biało-Czerwoni did not shine on Sunday either. The final series featured Piotr Żyła (finally 16th) and Andrzej Stękała (30th). Granerud was the bestwho came close to Geiger in the overall World Cup standings.

The highest Polish ranks is Stoch, who is 12th.

General classification of the World Cup

place player (country)
1. Karl Geiger (Germany) 180
2. Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway) 160
3. Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) 80
4. Cene Prevc (Slovenia) 77
5. Markus Eisenbichler (Germany) 72
6. Anze Lanisek (Slovenia) 62
7. Naoki Nakamura (Japan) 62
8. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 60
9. Killian Peier (Switzerland) 55
10. Robert Johansson (Norway) 53
12. Kamil Stoch (Poland) 45
22. Dawid Kubacki (Poland) twenty
23. Piotr Żyła (Poland) 15
39. Andrzej Stękała (Poland) 1
Jakub Wolny (Poland) 0
Klemens Murańka (Poland) 0
Aleksander Zniszczol (Poland) 0
Paweł Wasek (Poland) 0
Maciej Kot (Poland) 0
Stefan Hula (Poland) 0
Tomasz Pilch (Poland) 0

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