Ski Jumping. Dawid Kubacki jokingly comments on Stoch’s victory. Jumping today

Dawid Kubacki won a pass to participate in Saturday’s ski jumping World Cup competition in Nizhny Tagil, but he could not be fully satisfied with his disposition on the hill. The qualifying jump of 110 m allowed him to take 36th place in the field. After the Friday struggle ended, however, he did not complain about a worse mood.

– Did you have to resemble those meters? He asked with a smile on his face in an interview with Eurosport. – The conditions were lottery today. Sometimes it feels as if a person is anchored on their back. This jump was probably a bit late as well. It seems to me, however, that there is no tragedy for the first jumps in the snow.

Kubacki hopes that on Saturday the conditions on the hill will also smile at him and that the wind will not deal cards in the fight for the first points in this year’s World Cup season.

– We are supposed to have better jumping conditions on Saturday and I believe that everything will look good – added Kubacki. – It is known that you would like to jump as far as possible and be as lucky as your colleague Stoch. One would like to jump so far and I hope that it will make me lucky tomorrow.

The 31-year-old jumper also jokingly referred to the victory of Kamil Stoch, who left no illusions to his rivals in qualifying, and additionally won 3,000 Swiss francs for the victory.

– He won? Eager for money – ended the conversation with Eurosport with a smile.

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