Ski Jumping. Kamil Stoch jumps in a different league. Disturbing words

Our other representatives look like juniors against his background. What is the reason for this? What happened, if it was so good, because it was indicated by the last tests? Apparently there is power on the dynamometer platform. It’s just that what you do on it is so different from the jump itself. Several elements must act at the same time here. And it looks like it all went wrong with our team members.

The words that are uttered are disturbing in all this.

Adam Małysz, director of ski jumping and nordic combined in the Polish Ski Association, said in an interview with me on Friday, among others “Athletes have to trust the tips. If they keep jumping conservatively, it’s going to be hard to get off.”

In turn, Stoch admitted in one of the TV interviews that the reasons for what was happening should be sought – as he said – outside the hill.

Both the words of Małysz and Stoch do not soothe the atmosphere, although apparently the one in the frame is still good.

But it looks like something is starting to fall apart. Before Michał Doleżal, the staff coach, this is probably the most difficult challenge in his entire training career. There is still a lot of time, because this most important period begins at the turn of the year. It’s just that the pressure will increase with each passing day. In the coming week, especially, because in a week’s time there will be competitions in Wisła. Including the first team this season, and our team – at such disposal – may have a problem with promotion to the second series.

Yes, you must not panic and get carried away, because we are talking about jumpers who have reached the absolute world top. There were also weaker periods in many representations, and then suddenly everything started to bounce. So you have to wait until what happens in Wisła. If nothing surprises there, it will be time to turn on the alarm sirens.

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