Ski Jumping. Klemens Murańka infected with coronavirus. What’s next?

  • On Wednesday, the Polish team of ski jumpers will leave Niżny Tagił and move to the Finnish Ruka. Unfortunately, without Klemens Murańka, who will be forced to stop for several days in Russia
  • All because of the coronavirus. Two tests gave a positive result in the case of Zakopane
  • What will Murańka’s insulation look like? What will he do and will it affect his disposition? Are there any concerns in the Polish national team regarding this case? Onet Sport talked about all this with Aleksander Winiarski, the team’s doctor
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Murańka received the first positive result on Saturday. On Sunday, another one was carried out and this one was sent to three different laboratories. The result was positive each time.

Therefore, the Pole must stay in Russia. He will be staying in a clinic in Ekaterinburg, which costs 400 euros per day. Radek Żidek, one of the assistant to coach Michał Doleżal, will stay with him. This state will last until our jumper obtains two consecutive negative test results, which will be performed every day.

The most important thing is that Murańka is doing well. Initially, he had a slight runny nose with which he reached Russia. On Saturday he had a headache. He complained about this problem on Monday.

– I saw Klemens on Monday, because together with the German doctor who was at the local staff, we were given such an opportunity. Only doctors had it. The meeting was held in the open air. He felt well and – apart from a mild headache – he had no major symptoms – said the doctor of the Polish staff.

Klemens Murańka in isolation. What will it look like?

– There are no contraindications for Klemens training in isolation, although it may be a strong word. It’s more about maintaining motor skills. Therefore, he received a program of exercises that he should perform from the trainers. Of course, it is adapted to the conditions in which it resides. It is known that he will not make an imitation. He is not bedridden, and the symptoms of the disease are minimal, so all exercise is advisable, said Aleksander Winiarski, who works at the “Na Klach” hospitals in Krakow and the “Allmedica” hospitals in Nowy Targ on a daily basis.

How quickly can Klemens Murańka come back to the hill?

The isolation of our jumper will probably take several days. How much could this affect his physical form? Probably not at all. This was the case with the Austrian Stefan Kraft and the Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud. He was the first to become world champion in Oberstdorf after the coronavirus. The second one had minor problems after his return, because in the World Cup in Planica he was in distant positions. However, he started this season excellently with a third place and victory in Nizhny Tagil.

– If Clement passes the infection gently and performs the prescribed exercises, it should not affect his disposition. If he does not have any symptoms, as before, then there will be no need for additional tests after returning to Poland to check the condition of his body – explained Dr. Winiarski.

Coronavirus vaccination and the case of Klemens Murańka

The entire team of Polish jumpers, including the staff, is vaccinated against COVID-19. As you know, no vaccination protects one hundred percent from falling ill, the best proof of which is Murańka. However, this is the case with every disease against which there are vaccinations. However, vaccination allows the body to pass the infection more gently, which protects against hospitalization. Of course, there are also deaths from COVID-19 among vaccinated people, but there are really few of them. All because there are people whose reaction to infection will be excessive and a cytokine storm is triggered. However, these are exceptional cases.

There was a bit of nervousness in the Polish team after additional tests were applied to them on Sunday, although in fact – as Dr. Winiarski said – the risk of infection is low.

– Yes, despite the vaccination, each of us can get sick, but there is a small chance of it if we are among the group of people who are only vaccinated. As in our case. All because the virus of the vaccinated person is quickly neutralized. There is a risk of it multiplying in an unvaccinated person. As a result, such a person releases more viruses into the atmosphere. It is therefore easier to catch the infection from such a person than from a vaccinated person. Thanks to the vaccine, the infection is usually easier, but there is also a much lower risk of infection, the staff doctor explained.

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