Ski Jumping. Klemens Murańka will remain in quarantine in Russia

  • The Polish team of jumpers for the next World Cup competition will go to Ruka without Klemens Murańka
  • The Pole has been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus and now he must stay in Russia in quarantine
  • On the spot, he was given a place in a clinic in Ekaterinburg. “A day at the clinic costs EUR 400 a day. It is important, however, that he has good conditions, not like in solitary confinement” – said Michal Doleżal, the coach of the Polish ski jumpers, in an interview with Onet Sport
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This is a difficult situation for the entire staff, and the most difficult for a player who already admitted yesterday that he has enough of it all. Murańka was in solitary confinement, where the conditions were bad.

It is now known that together with the American jumper and a member of the German staff, because their results were also positive, he will be transported to the clinic in Ekaterinburg, where he will spend the next days in quarantine.

According to the announcement of the Polish Ski Association, Murańka will be tested in Russia every day and if it receives a negative coronavirus test result twice, then it will be able to return to Poland.

– Someone from our staff will stay with Klemens. He must have someone outside to help, and then also on the way back. We will definitely not leave the player alone – said Michal Doleżal, the coach of the jumpers’ team, in an interview with Onet Sport.

– We got him a place in the clinic in Ekaterinburg. At the meeting with the FIS, which lasted almost until at one o’clock in the morning we discussed what the transport would look like. There was also information that all payments had to be settled in advance. And these aren’t small. A day of stay in the clinic costs 400 euros a day. It is important, however, that he has good conditions, and not such as in solitary confinement – he added.

The situation in the team is nervous, because on Sunday evening all the players and their staff were tested.

– We are still waiting for the results. They are not here yet. For this I can not get anywhere, because we have a planned training, and I do not know if we can go to him without results – Doleżal was nervous.

Several dozen minutes later everything became clear. Our other jumpers and staff members received negative test results. So you can take a breath and get to work before the next competition.

Murańka tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday before the ski jumping World Cup competition in Nizhny Tagil. The Pole was transferred to solitary confinement. He underwent a second examination on Sunday.

After the first result, Aleksander Winiarski, PhD, had some concerns. Last December in Oberstdorf, Murańka had a false-positive test result. It wasn’t likely to happen now.

– I saw the result of this first test and this time it was no longer on the verge of normal. Coronavirus was present in the body, Winiarski said in an interview with Onet Sport.

His words were confirmed. The result of the second test at Murańka was also positive. Our jumper is vaccinated, so even if he has coronavirus, he should go through it gently. It should not cause harm to the body, because the vaccine protects against this.

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