Ski jumping Ruka 2021 – what will the weather be like during the World Cup competition?

The weather in Ruce, where the Ski Jumping World Cup will take place this weekend, is testing the players’ nerves. The jumpers have to deal with severe frost, gusty wind and snowfall. What kind of aura do we expect there this weekend?

Ski Jumping are broadcast on TVN, Eurosport 1 and This is one of the pillars of the winter sports offer of TVN Group Discovery in Poland, the pearl of which is the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Chimerical weather

The ski jump in Ruce can be loved and hated. The flight is far away (the record is an impressive 147.5 meters), but the chimeric weather often tests the players’ nerves. Ski jumpers in Finland are welcomed by bitter frost, gusty wind and constantly falling snow that does not make it easy to perform the test.

A year ago, there were no major complications, but the season earlier, the qualifications for the second competition, as well as the competition itself, were canceled.

Even earlier, in 2018, there was only one series in the first competition. The worst season in this respect was in the 2015/2016 season. The weather did not allow any competition to be played. – On this hill you take off your jacket, you want to warm up, but to no avail. You cannot move your fingers and your face is cold – Dawid Kubacki once spoke about the specificity of jumping in Ruka.

Maciej Kot, another Polish representative, added: – We laugh that we know what to expect there. Temperature? Between minus 14 and minus 17, no sun, high humidity.

Weather for ski jumping. Ruka 2021

The weather forecast for the World Cup in Ruce shows that Friday will be overcast. During the official training of jumpers, the thermometers will show -12 degrees Celsius, and the wind speed will be 3-8 meters per second. At 8 p.m. the thermometers will be -15 degrees Celsius. The wind will blow a little stronger, with a speed of 4-6 m / s.

On Saturday, during the first individual competition, it will also be cloudy. Before the start of the trial series, at 2 p.m., the temperature will be -15 degrees Celsius. It will blow at a speed of 1-2 m / s. At 8 p.m. the thermometers will show -19 degrees Celsius, the wind speed will reach 2-3 m / s.

On Sunday at 2 p.m. the thermometers will show -14 degrees Celsius, it will be cloudy. The wind is forecasted to blow at a speed of 2-5 m / s. At 20 o’clock the temperature will drop to -18 degrees Celsius. It gets better, the wind will blow at a speed of 2-6 m / s.

Ruka. What is the weather like there in November and December

As reported by, the weather forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, Ruka has a temperate cold climate. It is located in the Kuusamo commune, close to the Finnish border with Russia. Although it is located both far from the Gulf of Finland and the Atlantic Ocean, rainfall there is quite abundant, reaching around 700 liters of water per square meter a year. It is a cold place and therefore very attractive in winter, with plenty of snow. Kuusamo is a region with significant rainfall, so it can be more attractive than the Alps, where during the last warm winters, snow did not appear heavier until January.

In November, there is an average of 25 frost days, while in December the temperature drops below zero on average every day.

Weather in Kuusamo is influenced by both the Atlantic Ocean and the vast Russian land. On the one hand, the low-pressure systems from the ocean, moving to the east, from time to time bring heavy snowfall, and the influx of air masses – Arctic from the north or polar-continental from Russia – is frosty, hence snow is generally well there. In November, about 50 l / sq m falls there, which in terms of fresh snow is 50 centimeters. In December, the average rainfall is about 45 l / sq m.

Finland. Climate changes and weather

While still cold, Finland is experiencing severe global warming. Climate warming is most noticeable there during winter, when the average air temperature is 2-3 degrees Celsius higher than the average from the 1880s. There is also a clear division into the north and south of the country: since the 1930s, climatologists have been observing a marked warming of the climate in Lapland, it is much more noticeable than in the southern part of Finland.


Program and broadcast schedule of the competition in Ruce:

Friday, November 26
14.30 – official training 17.10 – qualifications (Eurosport 1, Eurosport in Player)

Saturday, November 27
15.15 – trial series 16.30 – individual competition (TVN, Eurosport 1, Eurosport in Player)

Sunday, November 28
14.30 – qualifications (Eurosport in Player) 16.15 – individual competition (TVN, Eurosport 1, Eurosport in Player)

Jumping World Cup calendar – competition after,,

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