Ski Jumping. The crisis continues. A well-known Austrian specialist will try to help the Poles

The crisis in the team of Polish ski jumpers is in full swing. Since the beginning of this season, Biało-Czerwoni has been doing well below their abilities. Virtually all of our players dropped their flights significantly. The leaders – Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła – are far from their optimal form. The situation is getting really worrying, especially since the Olympic Games are about to begin.

Unfortunately, there is no end to the problems at the moment. Perhaps the Austrian Dr. Harald Pernitsch, who has already worked with our representation in the past, will come to the rescue. It happened when Stefan Horngacher was the coach of the Poles. Thanks to his vast experience, he was an invaluable support for the coaching staff. He controlled, inter alia, the physical parameters of our players and advised them on what they could change to gain an advantage over their rivals.

Now, when the situation is extremely difficult, he is to help the Polish jumpers again. This was announced by TVP Sport journalist Filip Czyszanowski.

“All hands on deck. Dr. Pernitsch is to join the crisis management team today,” he wrote on Twitter.

Currently, Kamil Stoch is in a serious crisis. On Monday, “Orzeł z Zębu” did not make it through the qualification for the third competition of the 70th 4-Hills-Tournament in Innsbruck. It took only 59th place.

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