Ski Jumping. The fatal competition of Poles. It hasn’t been that bad in almost 6 years

The 16 “eyes” of the Biało-Czerwonych included Piotr Żyła’s 16th place and Andrzej Stękała’s 30th. Apart from the final “30” there were also our two world champions, Kamil Stoch and Dawid Kubacki.

The last such a terrible competition by Poles took place on February 28, 2016 in Almaty. Then the Poles accumulated nine points. Kubacki was 25th then, and Stękała 28th.

Łukasz Kruczek was also the team coach, but it was already known that these were his last competitions in this role. The case came out on the occasion of the World Cup in Zakopane in January.

In jumping, a score of 100 is considered a very good result. by the team in the competition. So 16 looks very miserable. In total, the White-Reds gathered 81 points during the two days of competition in Nizhny Tagil. Average 40.5 points for the competition. Poorly.

What happened to the Polish jumpers in Nizhny Tagil? Surely the twirling wind did its job. It was a lottery, but on the other hand, whoever was supposed to jump far jumped. It was evident that our players had big problems with the inrun position. This is probably the cause.

Poles certainly have potential. Once upon a time, on the door of our staff there was a card with the words “normal enough”. Maybe we will have to start with this, because the Biało-Czerwoni presented themselves very well, although there were also some mishaps, which proves the lack of stabilization.

It also looks as if our jumpers lack the power in their legs. This may be the result of hard training before the season starts. May it not turn out to be the virus that appeared in the study by Klemens Murańka.

It is a pity that from the beginning it will get a little nervous and you will be looking for reasons. It never helps, but it’s just the beginning of the season.

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